Biol 340-41 - Department of Zoology

Room 3523 (BIOL 340; not to scale) -> Kathryn Zeiler ([email protected] - 604-822-3348)
Fume hood
Fume hoods
Wooden storage
•Remove shelving
•Reorganize cabinets to make leg holes for
3 pairs of students per side
•Repair holes and paint counters and
Projection screen
Cold box
microscope room
Existing shelf
•Remove shelving
•Reorganize cabinets to make leg holes for 3 pairs of
students per side
•Repair holes and paint counters and cabinets
Microscope cabinet
Locking cabinet
More shelves for food/drink outside the doors
~5 ft
Comments & legends for Kathryn’s slides ([email protected] - 604-822-3348)
Other notes:
Existing counter
Wall-mounted cabinet
Remove this, please
Install this – see notes
Install drink/food racks
Coat closet
Outside between the two doors we need a tall, wide, and relatively
shallow (1-1.5ft) locking cabinet with shelves for the students to
stow their bags and backpacks during lab. This is a safety issue.
Please install a projection screen above the existing green and
white boards.
Small-scale Teaching upgrades for BioSciences Room 3523
Departments of Botany and Zoology; Instructor: Dr. Kathryn Zeiler
BSB rm 3523 is currently set up as a research lab, and thus is not been organized with teaching, lab demonstration, or with class sizes
in mind. We will need to carry out the following renovations to convert this research space into efficient and safe teaching spaces.
Room 3523
BIOL 340 is a new lab course that has been assigned to this room. It has a lab period of 3-4 hours a week. It will offer mulitple sections
of 24 students in both terms of the Winter session. It is expected to offer at least 1 section in the summer session. There is potential to
increase the number of lab sections, in order to increase enrolment into the Biology program.
The proposed renovations are listed in order of importance. The first five are critical for converting this room into a teaching space.
•Deep clean the lab, clean and wax the floor, patch up all holes, and if necessary, apply a fresh paint of coat to bench tops,
cabinets, and walls. If a room is clean and well organized, students will work harder to keep it this way. But students won’t take as
much care with a room that is already scarred and scratched up.
•The tall shelving units at the centre of each bench should be removed, and replaced with a single short shelf about 10” high. The
short shelf will allow for storage of shared supplies and equipment, while allowing students to view lab demonstrations from any
location. In addition, it will allow instructors and TAs to easily monitor the safety of the students while they conduct lab procedures.
•The cabinets underneath the benches need to be rearranged, in order to create leg space for students. There should be leg space
to accommodate 3 pairs of students per side. The leg room would double as potential shelter in case of earthquakes.
•A large (wide and tall) shallow locking cabinet with shelves needs to be constructed outside the lab between the two access
doors. This cabinet is needed for student storage of backpacks, etc. that are not needed during the lab period. There is inadequate
space inside the lab for students to store their belongings in a safe and secure manner. Backpacks sprawled next to the benches
are a serious tripping hazard.
•Adjustable ergonomic seating appropriate for both bench (for the main lab room) and table height (for the fluorescence
microscope room) are required to safely accommodate students of various sizes and shapes working for long periods of time at
microscopes and benches.
•A pull-down screen should be mounted so that it can be pulled down in front of the whiteboard. This will allow for the use of a
computer plus projector, which should help us accommodate future teaching needs. A ceiling mounted projector is ideal.
•A larger chalkboard or whiteboard needs to be added to the room.
1)One possibility is to install chalk/white (preferably) boards that slide upward to double usable space. The current location of
the existing white/chalk boards is good.
•Extra shelving outside the door to hold open food and drinks, so that students can leave their food outside the lab.
•The small windowless room may need adjustments to the existing desks, in order to accommodate four fluorescence microscopes.
Room 3521 (BIOL 341; not to scale) -> Liane Chen ([email protected] - 604-822-3307)
Fume hood
Add cabinet
•Remove shelving
•Reorganize cabinets to make leg holes for 3
pairs of students per side
•Repair holes and paint counters
Add waist height shallow cabinet/table
and large black/whiteboard above with
pull down projector screen
Put chest freezer here
(or by the other door?)
More shelves for food/drink outside the doors
Add coat hooks along this
•Remove shelving
•Reorganize cabinets to make leg holes for 3 pairs of
students per side
•Repair holes and paint counters
more cabinets here
PCR machines, gel electrophoresis, scale, water bath,
Put fridge here
Put computers
Put incubator and shaker
and ddH2O carboy here
Put gel doc system
Shared Prep room (Biol 340/41/51/52 & other?): Rm. 3513-> Liane Chen ([email protected] - 604-822-3307)
Add lower shelves under wall-mounted cabinet
Fume hood
Get and install dishwasher here!
Add counter or table
place tabletop centrifuge here
Place small freezer underneath
Add 2-3 locked cabinets/drawers for personal property
Put fridge here
Put computer here
Fume hood
Shared Prep room (Biol 340/41): Rm. 3517-> Liane Chen ([email protected] - 604-822-3307)
Put ice machine here
-80oC Freezer
Add table for transfer hood.
Put transfer hood here.
Comments & legends for Liane’s slides -> Liane Chen ([email protected] - 604-822-3307)
Existing counter/fixed table
Wall-mounted cabinet
1 2 3
Existing specialty plugs (3 types?)
Do we want to install this?
Install this
Install drink/food racks
Rm. 3521
If money allows, mount a screen that can be pulled over the
Prep room 3513
•Do we also have 3517? Then move the transfer hood there.
Otherwise it would have to go on the counter of 3513 instead of the
lower shelves (and put lower shelves around it)
• We need a lab-rated dishwasher! The best place would be by the
double sink by the fume hood.
• Does Jarnail have large equipment to move here? (He did not
mention anything when we looked at the room together)-> No
•The distilled water apparatus is supposed to stay…. Otherwise we’ll
need to take ours or otherwise have one installed.
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