St. Margaret the Barefooted

St. Margaret the
By: Margaret Murphy
Growing Up
She was born into a poor family at San
Severino, Ancona, Italy. Married at fifteen,
she suffered through ill treatment from her
husband with prayer, while begging alms for
the poor and sick. She walked as barefooted
as the lowliest beggar.
Older Childhood
She was abused by her husband for years because
of her dedication to the Church and to helping the
poor and sick. She walked barefooted as a beggar
to better associate herself with the poor. She died
widowed in 1395 of natural causes.
Feast Day
St. Margaret’s feast day is August 27.
This the day she is celebrated on this day in the
Catholic church.
Why I picked her
I picked St. Margaret the Barefooted
because my real name is Margaret. I
hope for comformation I will chose her
for my Saint.
Some of her Pictures
Thanks for reading!!!!!
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