This is Chris Lewis, one of our Landstar Step Deck Trailers. He is a

This is Chris Lewis, one of our Landstar Step Deck Trailers. He is a Triaxle trailer and
OD certified. If you would like to book his truck or one similar to it, please contact us
for more information: 715-425-6004
This is George and Vada Proctor. They are one of the Triaxle SD teams at Landstar. They had the honor just last
year of pulling the steel girders in the big WTC convoy back to PA They were on the cover of SUCCESS
magazine. To book this truck or one similar to it, please contact us: 715-425-6004
This is Lindley Johnson with his very pretty yellow conestoga trailer. A conestoga, sometimes confused with a
curtain side is very convenient to use as the trailer tarp system actually folds up like an accordian to allow easy
access to load/unload. It also prevents tarps from touch the freight which prevents rubbing on the freight. To
book this truck or one similar to it, please call: 715-425-6004
This is Bill Johnson and his very nice looking Kenworth W 900 (my personal favorite type of truck) pulling one of
our Landstar company trailers. He’s headed across some of the back roads in IA corn country on his way to TX
herein. To book this truck or one similar to it, please call: 715-425-6004
Here is a couple of our Schnabel Trailers hauling the giant GE tower sections for the windmills. If
you have freight needing Schnabel or platform equipment, please contact us at: 715-425-6004
Some wonder how two trucks can accomplish a move this…? Well you see, like in the movie
“Crocodile Dundee” when he was taming the wild animals. The driver in the first truck “THINKS”
his way to the 2nd truck telepathically steering and controlling it. Pretty impressive feat even for
a Landstar professional. If you have Super Size OD work, please let us know: 715-425-6004
This is Steve and Lori Kelley. They are a standard SD team and are available for your freight
needs and expedited concerns. They are very dependable and very professional. You’ll want to
shake their hands upon delivery. To book them, please call: 715-425-6004
How would you like to have this HOT PINK truck show up and pull your load. This is what I like to
call a “SKITTLES” truck due to the really bright color. We can’t promise a hot pink truck at your
doorstep, but our drivers are some of the best in the business. Call to confirm: 715-425-6004
Here is one of our Landstar Express America trucks, they come in 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 and 26’
lengths, most common being 24’ They run both teams and solos. For booking confirmation,
please call: 715-425-6004
This is Jeff Buzzanco, one of our Alaska Specialists. Jeff has logged over 25 trips back and forth to
AK in the last few years alone. He has a 2000 Freightliner Sterling and here is him pulling a whole
tree chipper on a power only move to AK. For booking confirmation to AK please call:
This is RJ and his Van Liftate truck, a real beauty. He carries 200 blankets, decking, locking load
bars, a built on lift gate, pallet jack and many other tools. He specializes in show circuit work. To
book his truck or one similar, please call: 715-425-6004
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