The last Adam became a life

Creation FROM Chaos:
Creation FOR Fruit:
Day 1: Light from Darkness
Day 4: Light FOR “ruling” day;
Light FOR “ruling” night
Day 2: Waters from Waters
Day 5: Waters below FOR life
(fish); Waters above FOR life
Day 3: Land from “lower
Day 6: Land FOR Humans FOR:
• Being Fruitful & Multiplying
• Taking Dominion & Subduing
Breath for life: Leads
to Death
Dove Brings News of
Breath for (new) life
Gospel Brings News of Judgment
Dove Brings News of Peace
from Judgment
Gospel Brings News of Peace from
Dove Disappears
Dove Reappears
And so it is written, “The first man
Adam became a living being.” The last
Adam became a life-giving spirit.
1 Cor 15:45
Law Resurrections
Gospel Resurrections
Son of a Widow (1 Ki 17:17-25)
Son of a Widow (Lk 7:11-18)
Child of a Rich Person
(2 Ki 4:32-37)
Child of a Rich Person
(Mk 5:35)
Adult After Burial
(2 Ki 13:20-21)
Adult After Burial
(Jn 11)
12: Authority
• 12 Tribes of Israel (the OT Church). 12 Apostles
(the NT church).
• 12 hours “rule” (define) the day, 12 “rule” the
night. 12 constellations signify the times / seasons.
12 months define the year.
• The Temple (symbol of His presence on the earth),
therefore, was built with measurements based on
multiples of 12, including 120 and 144,000.
• 12 loaves of showbread on 10 tables (the church tested,
spiritual warfare)
• 24 courses of priests on duty 24 hours per day
12: Authority
• The City of God in Revelation is also built on 12
& its multiples: 12 gates (authority as to what goes
in and what goes out). With the names of the 12
tribes written on them. Foundations of the walls
have 12 names of the Apostles on them.
• The Jews in Revelation who minister during the
Great Tribulation = 144,000 (12,000 of the 12
tribes, or 12 x 10x100: 10 = testing, so this is
MEGA testing, the GREAT Tribulation).
12: Authority
• The Bible only records 12 people being anointed
(“commissioned with authority”) to rule either the
church or the nation: Aaron, Nadab, Abihu,
Eleazar, Ithamar (5 Priests) & Saul, David,
Absalom, Solomon, Jehu, Joash, Jehoahaz (7
• Jesus was 12 when He taught (exercised authority)
in the Temple
12: Authority
• Of all the lists of the tribes in the OT,
there is always one left out, meaning
there is never more than 12 tribes in
any one list. (Joseph had 2 sons
adopted by Jacob).
12: Authority
• 10 & 12 often seen together: the church under attack,
being tested or tempted. The first “church split”: Israel
divided into 10 northern tribes and 2 southern tribes. 12
spies into the Promised Land: 10 rejected the fight, 2
trusted God.
• Of the 12 sons of Jacob, only 2 were full brothers; all others
were half-brothers. Joseph became a type of the Savior,
Benjamin, his full brother, became a type of the church (he
was given 5X more food than the other brothers).
• When Ezra was gathering Levites to return to the Promised
Land from Persia, He gathers 12 representatives, but only
names 2 (Ezra 8:24). These 2 are noted by name as answers
to prayer because of the lack of priests.
12: Authority
The 2 are always in some way closer to God, to
His intent, to the Spirit of what He’s doing, or
demonstrate a greater desire for closeness to
God, than the other 10. Benjamin and Joseph
were Jacob’s favorites. The real temple and the
real ark were in Jerusalem in the southern 2
tribes; the northern 10 tribes created their own
phony temples and Jerusalem and priests.
Girl Dying 12
Girl Lives
Multitude prevented
Multitude “follow”
Woman “Dying” 12
Woman Lives
Personal Encounter with
Jesus: Law Broken
12: Authority in Mark
Mark: 6:7 (eye)Witnessing
Mark 6:43
Does the Spirit of Jesus Christ have
authority OVER every aspect of my
life (12) Legally?
Does the Spirit of Jesus Christ have
authority OVER every aspect of my
life (12) Actually?
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