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Summer School 2014
Research Strategies in Policy Studies
Detecting Causality
Villa Durazzo • Santa Margherita Ligure
June 16-20, 2014
Mon, 16
Julian Reiss
University of Durham
Gauging causality
keynote address
Tue, 17
Bruno Dente
Politecnico di Milano
Simone Busetti
Politecnico di Milano
Explaining implementation success
with social mechanisms
Wed, 18
Erich Battistin
Queen Mary University of London & IRVAPP
in program evaluation
Thu, 19
Alessia Damonte
Università degli Studi, Milano
Camilla Borgna
WZB Berlin
Explaining policy performance by
configurations of tools with QCA
Fri, 20
Christian Hirshi
ETH Zürich
Explaining policy performance by
networks of actors and events with APES
applications before April, 30
A NASP-West Project,
with financial support of