Dooney and Bourke

Dooney & Bourke
Team 8
The Big Picture
• Dooney & Bourke
• Outdated
• Aging target market
• Lost originality
• Fill in target market gaps
• New celebrity endorsers
• Kentucky Derby
• Signage/in-store visuals
• Sell luxury
Current Market Plan
Product: quality leather goods
Promotion: celebrity endorsers with poor images
Place: department stores, boutiques, online
Price: $88-$550
Target Market Analysis
• Baby Boomers: 1946-1964
• around for the beginning of the D&B brand
• quickly aging out of interest
• Gen Z: 1995-present
• non-loyal, unpredictable consumers
• around for the “It Bag” collection
SWOT Analysis
• Online Growth
• Affordable Pricing
• Product Availability
• Poor Brand Image
• Product Quality
• Poor Brand Representatives
• Innovativeness
• Product and Service Expansion
• Market Demand
• Higher Priced Desired Competitors
Market Dynamics
• Promotional strategies are based off of research of
current fashions trends:
• Classics
• Exotics
• Excess
• Dooney & Bourke’s promotions will be based off of
Classic styles. Special collections will follow the
Exotic and Excess trends.
Consumer Behavior
• Baby Boomers/Gen X Cohort ages (24-55)
• Middle class, higher education, working, family and
rely on technology
• Value quality products, impeccable customer
service and are willing to pay for it
• Does not like promotions that are offensive, refer to
age, or misleading
Michael Kors
Kate Spade
Juicy Couture
• Estimated $9 Billion in handbag sales in the US by
To increase sales from what is now $5-10 million to $7-14 million
• Print ads
• Celebrity Endorsements
• Visual Merchandising
• Packaging
• Direct Mail
• Kentucky Derby
Positioning Map Before
Positioning Map After
New Target Market
• Middle to Upper Middle Class who desires a life of
• 24-55 years of age
• $60-250,000
• Trendy
• Owns a home, with one to two kids
Brand Communication
• Recognizable name to consumers
• Dooney & Bourke= (Affordable) Luxury
• Quality Items
• You get what you pay for at an affordable price
Luxury can be affordable.
Fresh Celebrity Endorsed Print Advertisements
Derby Targeted Advertisements
Banner Outside Churchill Downs
Banner On Race Track
Store Visuals/Signage
Direct Mail Pieces
Clientele Invitations
New Packaging
Prelaunch Methods
• Utilizing a wide
variety of print ads
and vintage
• 3 month galleries at
events and near
Dooney & Bourke
retail locations
• Analyze sales
Post Launch Methods
Main performance measure, sales.
Survey on D&B website
Direct mail invitation
New collection event
Join the Winner’s Circle