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Games we Play
Rules of Playing
In Kabaddi, two teams competent with
each other for higher scores, by
touching the player of opponent team.
Each team consists 12 players, of
which 7 are on court at a time and 5 in
The court is as large as that for a
dodge game.
Time for game 20 minutes halves,
with a break for 5 minutes.
The Kabaddi playing area is
12.50mx10m divided by a line into two
The side winning the toss sends a
“raider” who enters the opponents court
to chanting (Kabaddi ,Kabaddi).
The raiders aim is to touch any or all
players on the opposing side and return
to his court in one breath.
The person whom the raider touches, will
be out.
The aim of opposing team , will be to hold the
raider and stop him to returning to his court
until he takes another breath.
If the raider cannot return to his court in one
breath while chanting Kabaddi, he will be
declared out.
If any raider or player touches the ground
outside the boundary, he will be out.
The team scores a Lona (a bonus of 2
points) if team get these bonus points ,
the opposition is declared out.
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