2014 Coach Meeting Presentation

Coach Meeting Agenda
General Safety – ASAP Plan
•First Aid Basics - LL Coaches
•Concussion awareness
Coaches – things we need to know
•Code of Conduct
•Parent Expectations
•Awareness: Bullying
•Field Maintenance & Equipment
Online Resources
First Aid Basics for Little League Coaches
Ronnie Newman
Coaches shall remain unconditionally supportive of the Organization’s
commitment to the ideals of good sportsmanship, team play, honesty,
loyalty, courage and respect for authority. Likewise, coaches shall remain
sensitive to the physical and emotional well being of the players on
his/her team. In order to adhere to these doctrines the coaches agree as
•Coaches will be positive role models.
•Coaches will display and instill in their players the principals of good
sportsmanship and team play.
•Coaches will conduct themselves in a manner that best serves the
interests of the players.
•Coaches will do their best to provide the players a positive
(Code of Conduct – continued)
1. Coaches will ensure that winning and/or losing teams do so in a manner, which
exhibits respect and good sportsmanship. Sportsmanship includes avoiding the
use of any foul or obscene language, and making this a requirement for players
and their parents during all “LEAGUE” events.
2. Coaches will treat all players, parents, spectators and league officials with
3. Coaches will provide instruction in a manner that is constructive and supportive.
4. Coaches will not ridicule or demean players, umpires or league officials.
5. Coaches will not tolerate behavior that endangers the health or well-being of a
6. Coaches will comply with the decisions of league officials and observe all
rules, policy and procedure as established or endorsed by the “LEAGUE”.
7. Coaches will teach the game of baseball/softball to the best of their ability.
8. Coaches will be drug and alcohol free while at any “LEAGUE” athletic event.
9. Coaches will not use any tobacco products in the dugout or on the playing
Under penalty of immediate suspension or dismissal, I agree to uphold the
values of the Wickenburg Little League Baseball / Softball / Tee Ball program.
Managers and coaches who create a positive culture now - teaching even the youngest
players how to prevent and avoid bullying, hazing and exclusion – will lay a great
foundation for players’ future health and safety.
•Coaches and administrators should have a zero-tolerance policy. Share that policy,
in writing, with everyone involved in your program.
•Coaches can cultivate camaraderie by teaching teammates to respect each other.
Emphasize this at every practice and game, because operating in an environment
of respect will improve individual and team performance and lend to better
teaching and learning of life lessons through sports.
•Parents should check in frequently with their youth athletes, using open-ended
prompts, such as “Tell me about practice.” Listen and watch carefully for any
change in your child, such as suddenly not wanting to practice or participate in
team activities.
•Athletes should remember that the strongest team leaders don’t just refrain from
hazing or bullying; they actually shut it down when they see it.
Source: www.littleleague.org
While coaches are free to work cooperatively, the Home Team on the schedule is responsible for
walking the field (debris/hazards), lining the field, including batters boxes,
use water if necessary in dry conditions.
•Home team coaches should arrive @ 1 hour before gametime to have time to
properly prepare the field, and give attention to their team prior to gametime.
Chalk, line markers, string – should be stored in lower storage room.
•Home Teams: Use First-Base Dugouts; Visitors: Use Third-Base Dugouts
•Enforce rules regarding hitting baseballs, softballs, or tee balls into a fence
•Straighten fence posts (OF fence) as needed; Do not permit horseplay, jumping
into, or hurdling the OF fences
•Lights: Turn on before they are needed! Turn off as the field is closed for the night
•Chalk – fill machines outside of the storage room – sweep as needed
•AFTER the game – use rakes to fill holes on mound, home plate area, and bases as
•Equipment is the property of WLL – report broken or missing equipment
•Keep equipment issued to you clean (Suggested: Simple Green, hose down, dry in
the AZ sun)
•Team bags will be distributed prior to 1st practice. Report any needs or missing
items to League President. Equipment sets will be supplemented prior to first games.
•Coaches do not have access to the storage room upstairs; please contact League
President or a Board Member should you have an item that you need or need to
place an item in lost & found
•L-Screen may be used for Majors batting practice. Please share if two teams are
practicing the same evening. Please place back in storage the way it was found!
Get Familiar with the Wickenburg Little League website:
•Coach Training
•News & Important Dates
•Documents to Download
•General Inquiries
•Score Reporting
•Directions for Visitors/Parents
•Volunteer forms are due now! Please turn in tonight
before you leave
•Turn in Coaches Code of Conduct before you leave (we’ll give you
your roster at that time, if available)
•Equipment – we can distribute Saturday 3/15; 10:00am; if you
plan to practice prior to that time – please contact Joetta or send
email via website
•Please contact your players by 3/17
•Opening day – Saturday April 5th
•Wickenburg Community Day / Little League day @ Chase Field:
Sat April 26th – AZ Diamondbacks vs. Philadelphia Phillies