Weber Grills/NFL Sponsorship Proposal

Melissa DeLeo, Kate Ivory, Megan McGinnis and Rebecca Womack
Official Sponsor of the NFL
About the NFL
• America’s professional football league.
• Founded in 1920, and now comprised of 32 teams
spanning the countries most developed, passionate and
loyal cities.
• Most profitable professional sports league in the world.
• Yearly profit of $984.5 million according to Forbes.
• More than 59 percent of Americans claim to be NFL fans
according to Harris Poll.
• Highest percentage ever.
• We are a business. We are a culture. We are a brand.
Viewership and Attendance
• 200 million fans tuned in in 2012.
• 89 percent of homes and 69 percent of viewers
• NFL games most watched television program for all 17
weeks of season.
• Average almost 20 million viewers a week between CBS,
FOX and NBC.
• In 2011, more than 16 million fans attended games in
• Average of almost 65,000 a game for 256 games.
NFL Entities
Our Fans
• A majority (60 percent) of NFL fans are between 25 and
54 years old.
• 56 percent are men and 83 percent are Caucasian.
• 31.9 percent of fans are avid.
• More than any other big four sports league.
• Most have household incomes of more than $50,000 a
• Second most affluent fan base of big four sports leagues.
How Do They Interact With the NFL?
• Going to Games In-Person
• Watching at Home or a Bar
• Buying Merchandise
• Follow on Social Media and in the News
• Tailgating
NFL Tailgaters
• 87 percent are between 22 and 55 years old.
• 79 percent are men.
• View as major part of NFL experience.
• Appeals to both avid and causal fans.
• Covers vast range of markets.
• Grilling is an important component.
• 82 percent of tailgaters voted a grill as the number one must-have
item for tailgating. That’s more than food!
NFL Official Sponsors 2013
What’s In It for Weber?
• There’s always something going on in the NFL. We take a
year round approach.
• Tailgating is an easy opportunity to activate this
• Can tie in with other elements of the marketing mix, and
even cross-promote with other sponsors.
• Ample PR and advertising opportunities.
• The NFL is a gigantic platform Weber can use to increase
awareness for its brand.
• The NFL is the most prestigious and popular sports
league in the nation.
• Category exclusivity.
Weber’s Background
• Weber was founded in 1893 as a
metal works company.
George Stephen invented original
kettle grill in 1952.
Introduced gas grills in 1985.
Opened first Weber Grill restaurant in
Acquired Ducane in 2004.
Our Products
Weber Today
• World’s leading manufacturer of barbecue grills and
grilling accessories.
• Boasts 35 percent of market share.
• Sold globally in more than 30 countries.
• Demand for grills expected to increase four percent by
• Pride ourselves on making grills that last and providing
excellent customer service.
• Four of top seven grills on Consumer Reports are Weber
Our Target Audience
• 25 to 55 years old
• Middle to Upper-Middle
• Male
• Value Taste
• Grill for Family and Social
• Homeowners
• Outdoorsy with Active
Fit With the NFL
• Weber and the NFL have similar target markets.
• Both interested in expanding globally and domestically.
• NFL culture and tailgating present excellent opportunities
for activation.
Both Weber and the NFL are already leaders in their
respective fields.
Could help NFL by encouraging fans to tailgate and
attend games in person.
Would garner national media attention for both brands.
Gives Weber a leg up on the competition in exploding
outdoor grill market.
The Proposed Deal
• Featured Branding
• Game Broadcasts,, NFL Network
• Trademarks
• Merchandising Rights
• Game Tickets
• On-Site Display Space
• Intangible Benefits
• Prestige, Awareness, Media Coverage Potential, Activation Ability,
Audience Loyalty, etc.
• Asking Price: $300 million for five years, at $60 million a
• Required $5 million media buy.
Activation Plan: Get Fired Up!
• Presence at Individual Team Tailgates
• Ads in Game Program and In-Stadium Signage
• Weber Grilling Pavilion
• Area for Cooking Demos, Swag and Samples.
• Showcase Latest Weber Products and Expert Grillers, such as
former NFL player, Kevin Kolman.
• Contest to Find Best Tailgaters
Activation Plan: Get Fired Up!
• Experiential Marketing
• Weber Bus at Stadium
• Player Guest Appearances
• Tailgating Themed Competitions
• Capture consumer data and build
• Contest to Find Best Tailgaters
• Giveaways
• NFL logo or team logos on Weber tools and
Activation Plan: In-Store/Products
• NFL Logo or Team Logo Used on
Weber Products
• Sold at Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Costco, Ace,
Sam’s Club upon approval.
• NFL Team Decals on Grills
• Football Themed Ads with NFL Logo
• Publish NFL Tailgating Guide Cookbook
• Recipes from players and Weber expert
Final Negotiation
• Weber would like a lower price.
• High for no in-focus signage.
• NFL agrees to come down to $55 million a year.
• BUT Weber must agree to heavily promote sponsorship on brand
website and social media.
Official Sponsor of the NFL
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