the Powerpoint used at the Rising 9th Grade Parent night last week.

A Pope Preview
Pope’s 4 Pillars
Fine Arts
Service and Leadership
Things we like to brag about…
85% of students attend a 4-year university after graduation;
another 5% attend 2-year colleges and then transfer.
75% of students have a 3.00 or above
20% of students have a 4.00 or above
SAT 1666 (Georgia 1445; National 1497)
ACT 24.8 (Georgia 20.8; National 21.0)
68% of the Class of 2014 qualified for the HOPE Scholarship;
21% qualified for Zell Miller Scholarship
Last year, 77% of AP exams taken earned a 3, 4, or 5
Things we like to brag about…
Pope scored a 92.6% on the 2013 CCRPI index – one of the highest scores in a
traditional high school in the state.
Newsweek ranked Pope as one of the top high schools in the nation, ranking us
377th overall and 6th in the state of Georgia.
Pope is AP Certified, an AP STEM Achievement and AP Honor School
7 National Merit Semi-finalist and 6 Finalist in 2012; 8 Semi-Finalists in 2013; 4
Semi-Finalists in 2014
Class of 2014 qualified for over 3 million dollars in scholarships. This does not
include The Hope Scholarship.
91.9% Graduation Rate - Highest in the district 3 years in a row
We have sent students to Governor’s Honors Program in Math, Spanish, Social
Studies, Visual Arts, Music and Percussion, and Design.
Things we like to brag about…
Pope was Region Champion in Wrestling, Boys & Girls Track,
Girls Soccer
Pope won the 2014 Director’s Cup for best overall athletic
program in Georgia based on state playoffs in multiple sports
Region 7 AAAAA All Sports Award & GEMC Spirit
Sportsmanship Award Region AAAAA 3rd time in 4 years
Wrestling won Duals State Champion for 3rd year in a row; 2
Individual State Champions; Traditional Team came in 3rd
Many teams made the state playoffs this past year
Fastpitch Softball taking 4th in the state
Boy’s Tennis finished 2nd in the state
Girl’s Cross Country finished 10th in the state
Girl’s Track took 2nd place in the state championship:
1 Individual Girls’ State Champion in Track
Competition Cheerleading top 12 in State
Girls’ Soccer made it to the Final Four
Things we like to brag about…
Fine Arts
Band, Orchestra, and Chorus Superior Ratings in GMEA
performance evaluations
Marching Band over 400 awards for field shows and
performances in national and international parades
Award winning Winter Guard and Indoor Percussion groups
School and community performances by over 20 different types of
Over 25 Pope graduates are now music teachers
Last 7 years, we have sent 7 students to GHP for Visual Arts
All AP Studio Art students have passed the AP Exam
with most scoring a 4 or 5.
Things we like to brag about…
Service and Leadership
SWAG raised over $20,000 enabling us to spend $150 on
150 needy children each for the holidays.
In memory of Matt Hobby, Pope contributed over $19,000
last year and over $27,000 THIS year to Rally Foundation
for Childhood Cancer Research. The 8-year total is over
Habitat for Humanity continues to be a very popular program
for Pope students and we will be building our
16th house this year.
Over 8000 student volunteer hours were
recorded at Pope last year.
8th Grade Articulation Timeline
October 2 – 7:00pm “A Pope Preview” Student/Parent Meeting in Pope Theater
Nov 1 – Freshman Academy applications available online
Nov 6 – 7:00pm Freshman Academy Information Meeting in Pope Theater
Dec 5 – Freshman Academy application deadline
Feb 20 – Freshman Academy acceptance notifications
Mid February – Window for CCSD students to apply for HB 251 transfer (CCSD website)
February 23/25 – Pope Presentation to students at Dodgen & HTMS
February 27 – Registration materials go home to Dodgen & HTMS students
March 3 – 7:00pm “Parent Curriculum Meeting” in Pope Theater
- Registration questions addressed
- Subject Dept. Chairs available to answer questions
March 6/9 – Pope counselors available for individual appointments w/ parents at Dodgen/HTMS for specific
registration questions
March 11 – Registration materials completed and returned to MS
March 23 - Freshman Academy commitment deadline
Week of April 13 – Private, transfer and homeschool registration appointments begin
August TBD – Freshman Orientation at Fall Madness
Freshman Academies @ Pope
Four Freshman Academies follow a prescribed curriculum with their
cohort throughout their four years. Applications required.
Advanced Math & Science Academy begins with Accelerated
Geometry B/Advanced Algebra and AP Environmental Science in 9th
grade ending with 4 AP Science classes and 2 AP Math classes plus
Multivariable Calculus. Student completes STEM Certificate &
Capstone Senior Research Project.
Engineering Academy begins with Accelerated Coordinate Algebra/
Geometry A or Acc Geom B/Adv Alg and AP Env Sci in 9th grade and
includes Engineering classes each year. Student participates in
Robotics competition, completes STEM Certificate & Senior Project.
Globalization Academy begins with Honors 9th Literature and AP
Human Geography ending with 2 English AP & 4 Social Studies AP
classes plus 4 years of World Language. Includes Senior Project.
Culinary Arts Academy includes Culinary classes each year with
competitions starting second year. Culinary Internship Senior Year.
Pope High School Schedule
1919 students
 Traditional, 7 period schedule
 6 classes, plus lunch
○ 4 Core (English, Math, Science, Soc. St.)
○ 2 Electives, usually 1 is Foreign Language
~50 minute classes
 2 Academic Opportunity periods per
 Early Release X Block Wednesdays
Who Will Help You Decide Your
Classes at Pope?
8th Grade Teachers and Counselors
Pope Counselors (assigned by alphabet):
D – Hi
Ho – Mc
Me – Sc
Se – Z
Mrs. Kathryn Sax
Ms. Patty Hays
Mrs. Leslie Shearstone
Mrs. Angie Bruce
Mrs. Jamie Hamrick
Pope AP for Curriculum and Instruction:
 Loretta Clune
 Marti Schmitz, clerk
Pope Department Chairs & Specialty Area Leads
What are “Course Levels”?
Pope offers 3 basic levels of rigor:
 College Prep – on-level
 Honors – College Prep, more rigorous
 Advanced Placement - College level, most
rigorous, possible to earn college credit
An IEP may determine other possible levels depending on a
student’s needs.
Opportunities for All Students
Pope offers a range of options for students:
Advanced Placement (AP) classes
 Honors in most subject areas
 Academic Honor Societies & Competitions
 Student special interest Clubs & Organizations
 Special Services for students with IEPs, RTI or 504
 Academic Opportunity (AO) during “homeroom”
 Peer Tutoring
 College and Career Center
 Comprehensive School Counseling Curriculum
Opportunities continued….
Foreign Language Opportunity
This is an opportunity for students who did not have the option to learn
French or German prior to high school.
This program will get your student on track with peers
who began foreign language in middle school without
losing any time or credit by switching languages
How does it work?
 Fall 2015: take accelerated French I* or German I*
 Spring 2016: take accelerated French II or German II
[email protected]
 Schoolyear 2016-2017: The students in this program will be in French III or
German III and on track with their peers who began a language in 8th
C’est parfait!
Das ist perfekt
*Prerequisite: successful completion of level I of ANY language
How are Students Placed?
CRCT scores determine promotion to the
9th Grade
Level/course placement is based on 8th Grade
teacher recommendations, considering:
 Pope guidelines based on historical data
 Test/quiz/project grades
 Quarter middle school grades
 Standardized test scores
 Motivation, work ethic, etc.
Sample Schedules
Average Student
1. Spanish I
2. CCGPS Coordinate
3. Biology
4. Lunch
5. World Geography
6. 9th Literature
Honors Student
1. CCGPS Coordinate
Algebra/ Geometry A
2. Honors Biology
3. Honors World or AP
Human Geography
4. Honors 9th Literature
5. Lunch
6. French II
7. Engineering
Note that Freshman Academy students have specific
course requirements with different sequencing
Elective Options
Culinary Arts
Video Production
Graphic Arts
World Languages (French, German, Spanish)
Fine Arts (Art, Band, Orchestra, Chorus)
Academic Electives
Physical Education Electives
Student Clubs & Organizations
Book Club, Creative Writing
Debate, Drama, Guitar
Fantasy Literature, Lit Mag
Fashion, Film, Fishing
Jewish Club, FCA
Helping Hounds, Interact
Habitat, Key Club,
Hounds for Heroes
Mock Trial, Model UN
Octagon, Philosophy
Yearbook, Newspaper
Student Government
Math Team, Academic Bowl
Band, Chorus, Orchestra
 NHS, Beta Club
 Science NHS, English
National Honor Societies
 Spanish, French,
German Honor Societies
 Environmental Club,
 Ice/Roller Hockey,
Fencing, Rugby
Basketball (Boys & Girls)
Cross Country (Boys &
Fast Pitch Softball
 Winter & Colorguard
 Golf (Boys & Girls)
 Gymnastics
 Lacrosse (Boys & Girls)
 Soccer (Boys & Girls)
 Tennis (Boys & Girls)
 Track (Boys & Girls)
Good to know…
Academic Opportunity (AO) is held twice a week.
 Students report to their AO (or homeroom) for ~35 minutes
 Students can study, get tutoring from teachers, work in media center,
rehearse with fine arts groups, etc.
X-Block is on Wednesdays, and students are released at 2:15 so
teachers can plan collaboratively.
 Students who stay at Pope can receive peer tutoring in the media
center or study in the cafeteria and ride the bus at 3:30.
Parent Vue & Student Vue are available to view grades online.
Progress Reports come out every 6 weeks, but grades are not
permanently recorded on transcript until the end of each semester
(December and May).
High School Tips
Grades are based mostly on tests and quizzes, rather than
completion of homework.
Students will attend classes in all parts of the building and will
mingle with all grade levels.
Lunches are eaten with all grade levels and students don’t have
“assigned” seating.
Personal responsibility and taking initiative are keys to success.
Encourage your student to self-advocate.
If you have a concern or question about a class, please contact
the teacher; email is the preferable method.
Pope’s College Trends
Two thirds of Pope students attend Georgia Colleges, one third go
out of state.
Pope students regularly matriculate at:
UGA, Georgia Tech, Emory, Georgia College, KSU, Georgia Southern,
Georgia State, Southern Poly, U of West GA, Berry, Auburn,
Alabama, Clemson, U of SC, FSU, UF, LSU, Ole Miss, App State,
College of Charleston, Jacksonville State, etc.
In the past 3 years, we have also sent students to schools such as:
Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Cornell, Northwestern, Notre Dame,
Washington and Lee, Georgetown, Wesleyan, Berkley, Duke, UNC
Chapel Hill, Brigham Young, Le Cordon Bleu, Vanderbilt, West Point,
Coast Guard Academy, Wake Forest, Elon, UCLA, NYU, Furman,
and many more.
Stay Informed
You are welcome and encouraged to visit the
Pope Website at for additional information
about specific programs, activities, and
Hound Highlights
For up-to-date announcements about Pope
events, sign up for the Hound Highlights
weekly newsletter! You can sign up or simply
view them on the Pope Website.
We are excited that you will be a part of our Greyhound family!
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