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"Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice”
Russian playwright Anton Chekhov.
Agenda Items
• 2014-2015 CMS Budget Proposal Update and June
5th MILA Commission Date, Jeff Ruppenthal
• EOG Testing Schedule, Reminder, Jeff Ruppenthal
• Facility Upgrade Update, Jeff Ruppenthal
Academic Team Recommendation
• Team Members:
Kim Suchenski
Pam Crutchfield
Jeff Ruppenthal
Carrie Booker
Amy Cook
Christie Lyles
Joel Gilland
Visiting Tonight: Dino Gisiano, Hopewell High School
Proposal Development
• Result of a year of discussion and investigation
• Focused on the North Learning Community
with Hopewell High School as the Focal point
• Reaches into the Hopewell feeder pattern
Advanced Academic Pathways
Cambridge International
• Founded in 1990
• Located in Cambridge, UK
• Largest provider of
advanced international
educational programming
International Baccalaureate
• Founded in 1968
• Located in Geneva,
• Largest provider of
advanced international
educational programming in
the United States
Part of England’s University of Cambridge
In 9,000 schools, 160 countries
Programming is for K through 12
High School exams currently accepted for
credit at Duke, UNC, NC State
• No North Carolina Schools. The North
Learning Community will be the first
• Highly successful in Florida, Virginia
• Mountain Island Lake Academy follow a
parallel course with Hopewell. Enter the year
of planning and training in 2014-2015 and
introduce Cambridge in 2015-2016. We work
closely with Hopewell in both the planning
process and in the public introduction of
Cambridge to our community.
Benefits to MILA
• Allows us to lead in this community wide
• Brings a path for the high flying students to
pursue accelerate learning within our campus
• The training and best practices learned will
influence all of MILA
• Continues to reposition MILA as the leading
community school in Mountain Island
Team Work and Evolution
• In Neutral until after testing
• Between end of testing and June 10 will work
through formatting current thinking and
consolidating teams (Probable count is four.
Plan for consolidation is before our June 5th
• Forward comments, questions and they will
be addressed after testing
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