VOTE Paul Walker - Lewiston School District

VOTE Paul Walker
38 years old
White Male
Born in Glendal, California
Married with 2 children, Preston & Rian
No Military service
Governor of California for five years
Personal Qualities
• Natural Leader- Paul Walker was the invited to a
National Leadership Convention, and also was
the captain of his soccer and basketball teams in
high school and college. Paul is the coach of his
son’s baseball team.
• Good Looking- Paul Walker catches your eye as
you’re walking down the street. His striking
looks makes him even a better candidate than
the others because you won’t be able to forget his
gorgeous eyes.
Personal Qualities Continued
• Hard Working- When Paul Walker wants something
done he does everything he can to get it done as
efficiently as possible. He organizes and plans
everything to make events run smoothly. Voting for
him will help America run the same way.
• Highly Educated- Paul Walker went to Princeton
University. There wasn’t a semester when he didn’t
receive an A+ average. He was valedictorian of his
high school and earned a full boat scholarship to
Princeton for his academic achievements.
Stances Political Issues
• War- Paul Walker believes that we should get out of
Iraq immediately, and believes we need to resolve
the problems we have in our own country first. He
wants peace and justice and will do what needs to be
done to achieve this, first by taking soldiers out of
• Energy & Oil Use- Walker wants to create a greener
and cleaner America, because our dependence on
foreign oil is far too large. Paul Walker will invest in
energy independent technology. He will eliminate
billions in subsidies for oil and gas companies and
use those savings to provide consumer relief and to
develop energy alternatives.
Stances on Political Issues continued
• Gay Marriage- Paul Walker believes that gay
marriage should be kept at the state level. There
should be no federal gay marriage ban.
• Abortion- Paul Walker is opposed to abortion
and strongly supports family planning.
Stances on Political Issues continued
• Health Care- Paul Walker believes that every
American, whatever their background or station in
life, should have the chance to get a good education,
to work at a good job with good wages, and to raise
and provide for a family.
• Tax Policy- Paul Walker believes that we should
restore our values to our tax code before cutting the
taxes for middle class Americans. Walker believes
cutting taxes just for the higher class is wrong and
believes every family should have equal ability to
achieve economic challenges of their everyday lives.
Campaign Stops
• January 3nd Paul Walker will stop at Des Moines, Iowa. At 12:00 he will be
at the Civic Center of Greater Des Moines. The tickets will be twenty dollars
each and the money raised from that it go to the Red Cross Assc. He is will
be speaking at 6:00 at Holiday Inn & Suites is Des Moines. The cost will be
$150.00 a plate. Walker will use this as a fundraiser for his campaign.
Walker is stopping here because it is the first caucus.
• January 8th Paul will be stopping in Concord New Hampshire. At 11:00am
Walker will be at Concord High School talking to the seniors about voting
and the importance of their say in government. He will also talk to them
about continuing their education and wanted the best for yourself. At
8:00pm Paul will be at the Centennial Inn, the cost will be $200.00 a plate.
¼ of the profits made will be given to Concord High School for scholarships
to continue their education. Walker will be stopping in Concord because it
is the first primary.
Campaign Stops
• January 25 Paul will be in Sante Fe New
Mexico at the Civic Center the
Convention & Visitors Bureau. He will
be speaking at 4:00pm. His speech will
be about immigration policies. The cost
to getting in will be $40.oo a seat. Paul
is going to New Mexico because New
Mexico sways between a democratic
and a republican and Paul hopes to
sway New Mexico to vote democratic for
this voting season.
Campaign Stops
• January 11/12 Paul will be in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. On the 11th he will
be going to the Patriot Newspaper station to talk to a few interviewers. On
the 12th Paul will go to the local radio station to talk to the listeners for the
morning show. At 12:00 he will be speaking for lunch at the Crowne Plaza.
Each plate will cost $100.00. At 6:00 Paul will appear on the nightly news.
The reason for going to Harrisburg Pennsylviania is because the majority of
the electoral votes are normally Democratic and he hopes to keep it that
Campaign Stops
• February 15th Paul will be in California in Sacramento at the
Embassy Suites Hotel, giving a speech about immigration and
emissions. This speech will be at 7:00pm and each plate is
$75.00. He is going to California because they have 55
electoral votes, and California is usually a democratic state.
• February 28 Paul will be in New York, New York. He will be
speaking at the Civic Center and this will not be a fundraiser.
He will talk about the economic state of our country. Paul will
be going to New York because they have 31 electoral votes and
New York is usually a democratic state.
Campaign Stops
• March 3 Paul will be going to
Columbus Ohio to talk to the students
at Ohio State about the economic
state the U.S. is in. He will be
speaking to the students at 1:00pm
and it will cost nothing for the
students to attend the speech.
• March 16th Paul will go to Austin
Texas to talk to the people about his
immigration policies. He will be going
here because he hopes to turn Texas
into a democratic state. Also a large
part of Texas is bordering Mexico
which is why he will be talking about
immigration policies. This speech will
not be a fundraiser
Major Primary Races
After the South Carolina Primary
• After the South Carolina Primary Depp dropped
out the the democratic race. The next few weeks
will determine who what happens between
Walker and Cullen.
Major Primary Races
America will
be together as
one if Walker
Walk your way
into a great
tomorrow with
Campaign Contributions
• Paul Walker wishes to receive over 200 million
dollars to run in the primaries and during
general elections.
• He also hopes to receive individual donations of
about $1000. Paul Walker has his own website
with all of his stances and hopes to get most of
his donations there. You can visit at
• From PAC’s Paul hopes to receive donations at a
maximum amount of $500.
Major Speeches During the Primary
Season Concerning Immigration
• One of the speeches Walker did was on
immigration, “ The saftey of our country is first
on my list. Not allowing illegal immigrants into
our country is a part of the safety issue, and I
fully intend of changing the immigration policies
and the patrol of our boarders.”
Major Speeches During the Primary
Season Concerning Emissions
• Walker spoke about emissions in one of his
speeches, “The way we treat the environment is
unacceptable, I will educate the people of the
harmful emissions being released everyday. I
will also promote electrical cars and any other
environmentally friendly cars. The emissions
issue does not just go for cars it goes for
businesses as well. I plan to create more
restraints and regulations of the harmful
emissions businesses release.”
Major Speeches During Primary Season
Concerning Education Beyond High School and
the Importance of Voting
• Walker went to Concord New Hampshire High
School and gave a speech to the senior class about
college education and the importance of voting.
• “Education beyond high school is a very important
part of all your lives. In order to be the best you can
be I would recommend getting the most education
• “Once all of you turn 18 it is your civic responsibility
to vote in the national and state elections. Each one
of your votes are important to the future of our
The Democratic Party National
• The National Convention for the Democratic
Party will be held St. Louis, Missouri and will
last 3 days. The speakers will be Vin Diesel,
Michelle Rodriguez and Matt Schulze.
• After a long 3 days, the Democrats nominated
Paul Walker. At this time Paul Walker
announced- “I want to thank all of your for
believing in me and giving me the chance to give
America what it really deserves. Stick with me
and you will soon see a change.”
Electoral Votes By State