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October 9, 2014
Introduction to Chamber Music
Carlo Gesualdo
O dolorosa Gioia
O dolorosa gioia,
O soave dolore,
Per cui quest'alma è mesta e lieta more!
O miei cari sospiri,
Miei graditi martiri,
Del vostro duol non mi lasciate privo
Poiché sì dolce mi fa morto e vivo.
English translation
Oh dolorous joy,
oh sweet suffering,
which makes this spirit sad, yet causes it to die happy!
Oh my sighs, so dear to me,
my welcome torment,
do not release me from the pain you bestow;
for so sweetly it makes me feel both dead and alive
Gioite voi col canto
Gioite voi col canto
Mentre piango e sospiro
Né dal mio lagrimar punto respiro.
Ahi misero mio core,
Nato sol al dolore,
Piangi, ma piangi tanto
Che vinta dal tuo pianto
Sia la mia donna e poi rivedi in lei
Gl’afanni e i dolor miei.
English translation
Take pleasure in singing, all of you,
while I weep and sigh
and, tormented by my own tears, cannot even breathe.
Alas, my wretched heart,
born only for distress,
weep, but weep to such a point
that my lady is won over by your complaint,
and then you will see in her
the same suffering which afflicts me