The World of Doublespeak Presentation

The World of
William Lutz
Discussion Director
 How does doublespeak affect our official language?
 How often is it misinterpreted by others?
 Will we be able to one day to distinguish the double
Evidence Researcher
 “Doublespeak is a blanket term for language which
pretends to communicate but doesn't, language which
makes the bad seem good, and negative appear positive,
the unpleasant attractive, or at least tolerable” (Lutz,
 “… ‘Killing’. Instead, it would use the phrase ‘unlawful or
arbitrary deprivation of life’” (Lutz, 249).
 “Serious doublespeak is highly strategic and, it breeds
suspicion, cynicism, distrust, and ultimately, hostility”
(Lutz, 252).
Key Word Indexer
 Doublespeak:
Denotation: language that can be understood in more
than one way and that is used to trick or deceive
Connotation: lies, meaningless.
Search Terms: Doublespeak and political power.
 Incongruity:
Denotation: Lacking in harmony; incompatible. Not in
agreement, as with principles Not in keeping with
what is correct, proper, or logical; inappropriate.
Connotation: confusing, inconsistent, different
Search Terms: Incongruity and communication.
 Euphemism:
Denotation: a mild or indirect word or expression
substituted for one considered to be too harsh or
blunt when referring to something unpleasant or
Connotation: nice way of mentioning something,
delicate, nice.
Search Terms: The contradictions of euphemism.
o Communicate:
•Denotation: share or exchange
information, news, or ideas.
•Connotation: talk, passing or
transmitting information.
•Search Terms: How do we
communicate in society?
o Strategic:
•Denotation: relating to the
identification of long-term or
overall aims and interests and the
means of achieving them.
•Connotation: method, system,
way of doing things.
•Search Terms: Strategies in
 Compare: Doublespeaking and Chunking
Both forms of English to give things another meaning.
Make English harder to understand.
 Contrast:
o makes simple things not seem as bad by making
them more articulate.
Chunking takes phrases that make up a meaning.
o Ex: Hang in there
 It is important to know how to use resources and be
educated to be able to identify doublespeak.
Work Cited
Lutz, William. “The World of Doublespeak.” Language
Awareness. Ed.11. Karen S. Henry, Elizabeth M. Schaaf.
Boston, MA: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2013. 248-258. Print.
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