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Levi Coffin
Famous Hoosiers:
Indiana Legends
By: Julia.T.Janes
Concept Map
Biographical Poem
Levi Coffin
Who was brave
Who loved Cathrine Coffin
Who felt slavery was wrong
Who feared too get caught
Who was a member of a group called Quakers
Levi Coffin
“ I was willing to recive and aid as many
fugitives as were [able] to come to my house.I
knew that my wife's feelings were the same as
mine….[We] found it necessary to keep a team
and a wagon always to keep command,to
[carry]the fugitive slaves on their journey…These
journeys had to be made at night,often through
deep mud and bad roads…Every [effort] to evade
pursuit had to be used as the hunters were often on
the track.”
Character Traits
Time Line
The End
I felt good after my
PowerPoint.Now I know
so much about Levi
Coffin. I thought it was
very easy,But hard
because there wasn't a lot
about Levi Coffin on the
internet. Thanks for letting
me show you my
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