Quechua Ppt.

Von Mark Fontaine und Davis Carter
They are related to the Aymara Culture. Their language
was the original language of the Incas.
First found in the Andes Highlands including the old Inca Capital as
well Cochamba in Bolivia. Quechua culture is at least a thousand
years before the rise of Inca Empires.
Qamili is a dance practiced on a grand
scale with a huge Chorale and speacial.
Women wore skirts and shirts as well as shawls. Men wore trousers
and shorts as well as an occasional cape.
The Quechua used sophisticated irrigation systems
to water fields and often reserve food by freeze
drying it in the cold mountain air.
Traditional foods were potatoes and guinea pigs. Guinea pigs were and
are more of a delicacy than a everyday food. They often ate stews of
potato and meat. Often times they added hot peppers to their dishes.
Quechua people still live in the Andes Mountains.
The Quechua celebrate Catholic holidays such as
Christmas and Easter. As well as celebrating their
own native holidays. Nowadays education is
required until age 16.
Quechua Words (Project)
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