Father and Son

Father and Son
Relationship between them.
Amir’s feelings for Baba
• The sky over Kabul fills with
colorful kites and the whole
city watches as Amir triumphs,
at last feeling his father’s pride.
This is an important theme as the main character of the novel spends his life
trying to win the approval of his father.
It is a struggle for Amir to find his father's acceptance and then this
changes with the revelation towards the end.
Baba is the main father figure in the
story. He is father to Amir, the
main character and from whose
point of view the story is told.
Baba is a good person but a hard, discouraging father at the beginning of the story.
He is a single parent whose wife died while she was giving birth to Amir.
Baba wants Amir to be like him who hunts and plays football, but Amir would rather
stay home or play with his friend Hassan, recite poetry, read a book or write stories.
Baba’s cold attitude as a parent makes Amir unable to love his father and in
the process sort of “fear him too and hate him a little”.
As a result Amir quietly defies his father and decides he will not succumb to
his father’s “molding” ways.
Amir, our main protagonist and
storyteller is initially the weakling
son and friend who can’t fend for
himself against his bully
He later commits a grave sin
against his friend Hassan.
As an adult towards the end, he
makes up for it all, finds “a way to
be good again”, and finally stands
his ground not only for himself but
also for Sohrab, Hassan’s son,
who by now has become his own
adopted son.
Although we may not admit it, I
guess there is a Baba in all of us
even as we want to become like
Rahim or Hassan.