The Highwayman course material

The Highwayman
Additional unit which can be
linked to poetry.
Immersion activities
Slow reveal
Tiny texts
Iceberging words
dictionary definition
(i.e. Dove – white
bird of the pigeon
Connotations: secret
meanings (i.e.
peace, calm, soap)
Session 1: Jigsaw pictures of the
highwayman from slow reveal–
Link to Jigsaw!
Session 2:Freeze frame of their predictions
based on the picture.
Writing speech for their freeze frames
looking at the correct use of speech
Session 3: Writing based on their
predictions– free choice of genre.
Used images of their freeze frames
and artefacts as their stimulus.
Session 4: Tiny text activity
(identifying common themes) and
ice berging words to analyse the
Link to tiny texts.
Session 5: Read poem and created story
board of their understanding of the story
so far.
Session 6: Analysing and exploring
characters viewpoint.
Drama in role as one of the characters.
Wrote dialogue on whiteboards in role.
Completed ‘Role on the wall’
Session 7: Boxed up the poem
‘stealing the structure’
Session 8: Retelling the story from a
different perspective using their
boxing up.
Session 9-Children to write their
own section of poem.
Children then to practise and
Thanks for listening 
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