World on a Turtle`s Back


World on a Turtle’s Back


Iroquis Tale

• Explains how the world was created

• Iroquis- refers to five separate Native

American peoples-Seneca, Cayuga,

Oneida, Onondaga, and Mohawk

• Lived in woodlands of New York State

(Hudson River/Great Lakes)

• Iroquois groups spoke similar languages, held similar beliefs, and followed similar ways of life

• Long houses. Build fences for protection

• Women cultivated three sisters (squash, beans and corn) gathered berries and nuts

• Men: hunted, fished, and fought with Mahican people

• Warfare was important: gave men power and prestige.

• League was created to end fighting among the nations that formed the alliance

Focus Your Reading

• Myth-traditional story , passed down through generations that explains why thje world is the way it is

• Creation Myth-explains how the universe, earth and life began.

World on a Turtle’s Back Quiz

• There were more than __________ different kinds of Native American Tribes?

• There were over _________ different languages spoke by Native Americans

• A myth is a _____________________

• The Iroquois were from what part of North


• Were the Iroquois nomadic?____________________

• The World on a Turtle’s Back

• From what tribe do we get The World On a Turtle’s Back?___________

Where in the modern United States would you have found this tribe? _____________

• According to The World on a Turtle’s Back, in the beginning there was the ocean, a great void of air, and far above the unpeopled world was _____________.

• How does the Sky Woman end up in our world?

• ___________________________________________________________________________________________



________________________________________________________________________7. What animal is responsible for bringing the _________ to the woman so she could plant the ______________ and ___________ she was able to grasp during her fall? _____________

• 8Who gives birth to the twins? ________________

• 9What are the twins’ names?_______________________ and ___________________

• How is the twins mother killed? _______________________________

• What springs from the mother’s head? _________________________

• Where does tobacco come from according to this Iroquois myth______________

• What is the major difference between the twins?


• When one twin makes the deer, the other twin made the ______________.

• Which twin is killed and how?_______________________________________________________________________________________



• What happens to the dead twin’s body?

Which twin reigns the day?________________________

• Which twin reigns the night? __________________________

What happens to the grandmother ?____________________________ and