Joe didn`t go out with his friends. He worked all night instead. (放句尾)

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LT 101 Vocabulary
1. global (adj.)
The world has become a global village.
globalize (v.) 全球化 globalization (n.)
localize (v.)
• (3) 重要片語
instead of sb/sth 代替某人/某物
• Joe 生病了,所以我要代替他去開會。
• Joe is sick, so I will go to the meeting instead of him.
• Joe didn’t go out with his friends. He worked all night
instead. (放句尾)
• instead 是一個轉承詞,用來表示「不……而……」的意
• S+V. S+V instead. (放句尾)
• 或 S+V. Instead, S+V. (放句首)
• 或 S+V; instead, S+V. (放句中 )
← 注意標點、大小寫
• Joe didn’t go out with his friends. Instead, he
worked all night. (放句首)
• Joe didn’t go out with his friends; instead, he
worked all night. (放句中)
• 句型 : Instead of V-ing…, S+V.
(instead 可以和 instead of 互換使用,但結構有變化 )
• Instead of going out with his friends, Joe stayed
home all day.
• (4) translate A into B
• Julie found a job as a translator. She translates
English novels into the Chinese version.
• Dictionary Work:
• translate vs. interpret (consult your dictionary to
understand the difference between the two words )
• (6) His world-famous novel made him a
• billionaire (n.) 億萬富豪
• (8) a major problem
a minor problem
• minor (adj.) 次要的,不重要的
• My sister majors in English and minors
in education.
• (9) Hong Kong was governed by the
British until given back to China in 1997.
• govern: rule (v.) 統治, 管理
• government 政府
11. hard vs. hardly
• He works hard.
• He hardly works.
• (12) imagine sth/ imagine doing sth
• Just imagine a life without electricity.
Just imagine living in a world without
• Dictionary Work:
• (Adj. ) imaginary vs. imaginative
• (13) mainly (adv.)
• The book is mainly about communication
between parents and children.
• (15) nation: country
• UN → the United Nations
• national (adj.) 全國性的
• a national holiday
• the National Palace Museum
• (17) some information / a lot of information
• a piece of information/ two pieces of
• gather/ collect information
• Dictation:
• We're working to collect information on
(about) global warming.
• inform somebody of/ something
• Please inform us of your decision as soon as
• There is a connection between water and
• a connection between A 和 B (A 和 B 有關聯)
• (11) Jack warmly embraced his son. (→hugged)
• Dictation:
• To catch up with the times, you need to embrace
new ideas.
• to embrace sth 欣然接受
1. a means of
• a means of sth/ doing sth
• a means of communication
• There are many different means of solving
the problem.
• means (n.) 方法 (單複數同型)