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Maracas are simple percussion instruments usually played in pairs,
consisting of a dried gourd shell filled with seeds or dried beans. They
may also be made of leather, wood, or plastic. The word maraca is
thought to have come from the Tupi language of Brazil, where it is
Info about Maracas
The history of the maracas is best traced through the
artwork of pre-Columbian Indians, especially the tribes
in Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, and Paraguay.
The word maraca is believed to have been given
to the instrument by the Araucanian people of
central Chile. It is used for all gourd rattles
although some also have more specific names.
Today, we maracas are used in many types of Latin music
Including Latin jazz, and dance music such as Samba,
Salsa, and Mambo.
The Bongos
-Made up of a set of two very small drums
attached by a thick piece of wood
-Played while held between the knees
-They are traditionally played by striking the
heads with the fingers
Bagpipes are a class of musical
instruments called aerophones, which
use internal reeds.
The name bagpipe is assumed
with its best-known form, the
Great Highlands Bagpipe.
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Finger Cymbals
Zils (also zills or finger cymbals) are tiny
Cymbals used in Belly Dancing and similar
performances. The word zil in Turkish means
The Zarb or Tonbak
The Tonbak is the chief percussion
instrument of Persian art music, though it
is used in Persian folk music too.
The didgeridoo is an instrument with a history
as deep and subtle as its sound. It is native to
certain indigenous Aboriginal tribes who have
occupied Australia’s Northern Territory for at
least 40,000 years.
An interesting technique called circular breathing
must be used when playing this instrument - the
performer exhales into the instrument while inhaling
through the nose, and continually repeats the
process to make a steady flow of air.
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