Root Word Monday! Turn in your Interactive Notebook to the page for

Vocab Monday!
Turn in your Comp Bk to page:
When you see a pencil icon
on a slide, it means you need to do some
writing. Either take notes on the
information in your comp book or follow
the writing directions on the slide.
The pencils will be different, so pay attention!
Remember this color code!
Prefixes are PURPLE
Roots are RED
Suffixes are GREEN
Prefix: acHere are two words beginning
with the prefix ac-:
acceleration and accelerate
Can you determine the meaning
of the prefix acfrom this sentence?
The race car accelerated with
lightning speed as the driver
rounded the last curve of the track.
The prefix ac- means:
toward, near.
Can you list some other words
beginning with the prefix ac-?
You have 30 seconds … GO!
Now share your word list with a
partner or the class.
Pay Attention!
Not all words beginning with ac have
the meaning of the prefix ac-.
The letters AC- must be used
as a prefix.
Non-example: act
The letters ac are not used as a
prefix in the word act.
Now write a sentence with the
word accompany, which means:
to go along or in company with
Make sure your
sentence has ten
words or more! Be
prepared to share
your sentence
with a partner
or the class.
Root: anim
spirit, life
Sample Words:
• Animal (any of a kingdom of
living things )
• Animated (endowed with life
or the qualities of life )
• Animator (one who gives a
picture life)
Choose one of the sample words or use your
own example of a word with the root anim
and write a sentence with 10 words or
Example: Before Disneyland was
built, Walt Disney was well known
as a famous cartoon animator.
Your turn!
Now read your sentence to your
partner, or be prepared to read
to the class.
What do the following words
have in common?
(copy only the word list into your notebook)
Words ending with the
suffix –ine
like, of, or related to
Example: The doctor told my mother
to rinse her sore throat with a saline
Saline = of or related to salt.
Choose two of the words you just
wrote which ended with the
suffix -ine
Write the definition of the
words using what you know
about the
suffix –ine.
For example:
Sunshine = like or related
to the sun
The prefix ac- : toward or near
The root anim : spirit, life
The suffix –ine : like, related to