The Physics of Processing Time

The Physics of
Processing Time
• The Science and the Art
 We
will be discussing a model
 All models depend on other applicable
base knowledge
 We will touch on other base skills in order
to make sure we are all on the same page
First, what is processing time
 The
time your brain must devote to the
“process of interpretation”
 Processing Time…NOT Lag Time
 I am VERY picky about this point!
 YES… I know Dennis Cokely says “Lag
 Why?
Lag, as a Verb
 Fail
to maintain a desired pace or to keep up; fall or stay
behind: After five minutes of hard running, some of
them began to lag.
 Move or develop slowly, as toward a goal or objective,
or in relation to an associated factor (often fol. by
behind): to lag behind in production.
 Delay or fail in reaching full development: The factory
lags regularly in making its quota.
 Hang back; linger; delay: The old friends lagged
because they wanted to talk some more.
 Decrease, wane, or flag gradually, as in intensity:
Interest lagged as the meeting went on.
Lag as a Noun
 Lagging
or falling behind; retardation.
 A person who lags behind, is the last to
arrive, etc.
 An interval or lapse of time: There was a
developmental lag in the diffusion of ideas.
Processing as a Verb
 To
put through the steps of a prescribed
procedure: processing newly arrived
immigrants; process an order.
 To prepare, treat, or convert by subjecting
to a special process: process ore to obtain
Process as a Noun
 A series
of actions, changes, or functions bringing
about a result: the process of digestion; the
process of obtaining a driver's license.
 A series of operations performed in the making or
treatment of a product: a manufacturing process;
leather dyed during the tanning process.
 Progress; passage: the process of time; events
now in process.
Which term more
accurately describes
the target action?
• I don’t care if you don’t
agree! It’s my presentation!
 What
is a Model of Interpreting?
 Why is it important to study them?
 Looking
 What
into the “Black Box”
do they tell us?
 Gish
 Cokely
 Colonomos
What a model can and cannot
 Learning
a new model will not instantly
impact your skills
 Learning a new model will impact you
 Models give a visual representation of an
abstract concept
No Model for Processing time
 At
least not that I know of…
 Have you ever seen one?
 What can a Processing Time Model
show us?
 We
must pause and take a deep breath
 I am not a physicist
 I don’t even play one on t.v.
 All of the physics in this presentation is
more “physish” than “physics”
 It is here to make a point.
The Point
We perceive time as an “enemy”
We feel it crushing us
We feel it controlling us
We don’t know how to exert our will
over time
• We don’t know what to do with the
time we have.
Processing Time Vs. Actual
 In
order to understand the model I propose
for Processing Time, we must first look at
how physicist describe actual time.
 Have you ever looked back in time?
 Have you ever looked in a mirror?
 Have you ever looked at the stars?
Space is Relative to the
 Space
 The
tennis ball
 The tennis ball on the train
Time is Relative to
the Observer
• Einstein’s Theory of
Future Light Cone
Past Light Cone
Based on a model
from the book “A
Brief History of Time:
Big Bang to Black
Future Light Cone
Event enters the future Light
Cone… The Sun Goes Out!
Past Light Cone
• The question now is…
Light Waves
“Time” can be thought of
as the interval from crest to
Time and Speed are
not the same thing
A Change in Frequency Does Not
Change the Speed… Only the Look!
An observer from another position would see it as a unified event
happening in a set order … a shifting “present”
Future Light Cone
Event enters the future Light
Cone… The Sun Goes Out!
The observer on earth
sees the event as the
present only when the
light arrives .
Past Light Cone
Time is Relative
 To
the position of the observer
 To the distance from the target event
 If you could travel away from the event at
the speed of light you could, in theory stop
time because the light would never reach
 In theory you can control “time” by
understanding the relative relationships
So What!
• What does any of this have
to do with interpreting?
See Time Differently
• See time as a part of the process
• Not a detriment to the process
• See time
The Change Over Time Formula
 C/T=Pt
 Change
over time=processing time units
 Accept the position of the interpreter as the
 The Contextual Stream looks into the future,
the contextual possibilities become broader
the further you look into the future
Future context stream
Past text/context stream
A Word on the Concept of
Contextual Cone
 This
includes all observable information
and background knowledge.
 It is the interpreters“known universe”
 Anything that happens outside the known
universe should not impact the
 But, it does…
Textual Event
 Anything
happening outside the contextual
cone cannot directly impact the
 (Your shopping, laundry, schoolwork,
 When a Textual Event enters the
contextual cone the interpreter must
prepare to deal with it in “the present”
Future context
Textual event enters the
future context stream
Past text/context stream
The Change Over Time Formula
 The
textual event enters the context cone at a point
in the future relative to the position of the interpreter.
 The Interpreter must deal with such “future events”
 As the event nears the “present” the contextual
possibilities narrow.
 For the observer the “present” occurs when the
information is relayed by the interpreter
 When the interpreter actually relays the
information…the information entered the cone in the
Text Flow
Discourse, Transition
or Prosity Marker
Crest to Crest
 Carol
Patrie’s books give a good theoretical
basis for understanding the some of the
 Temporal Relationships
 Spatial Relationships
 Logical Relationships
 These are just three examples of many…
A Change in Frequency Does Not
Change the Speed… Only the Look!
Speed of Information versus
Speed of Signs
 Just
because someone moves their hands
 Just because someone strings words
together fast does not mean the
communication is fast
 Understanding the context is the first step.
 Understanding the relationships is the
In other words…
 People
talk how they talk
 Speaking fast does not mean that the
“speed” of the information is necessarily
also fast.
 Signing fast refers to the motion of the
hands… but not the speed of the
Lets see it in action!
Lets see it in action!
Lets see it in action!
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