Let God Be God

Let God Be God
Our Human weakness in not trusting in
God simply because we do not know and
obey God.
The Resulting problem due to wrong
motives, priorities and allegiance.
The critical need of a Spiritual eyesight.
Seeing from God’s perspective.
The critical need
“Live life with God’s wisdom”
Let’s look at the old testament: The most
wise man on earth- King Solomon
He asked God for wisdom to rule the nation.
1 King 3:5-15
Wisdom from New Bible Dictionary
Meaning: Understanding
Is intensely practical, not theoretical.
Basically wisdom is the art of being
successful, of forming the correct plan to
gain the desired results. Its seat is the
heart, the centre of moral and intellectual
Biblical wisdom
Meaning: takes insights gleaned from the
knowledge of God’s ways and applied
them in the daily walk.
The combination of insights and obedience.
Edmund Chan defines wisdom
As balancing the tensions of life in the fear of the
Lord. Wisdom is vital to leadership, hence
Solomon asked for wisdom from God. He was
asking God to give him the knowledge and
discernment required to build the nation as the
spiritual leader and King.
Solomon recoginsed his own limitations and hence
implored God to grant him the added acumen
for such a task.
Why wisdom?
Solomon started well as a king as he looked
to God.
He expresses his great dependence on God.
The fall of Solomon is when he move away
from God and started to bring in foreign
wives because of his weakness for women.
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How can we draw wisdom from
Ask. James 1:5 If any of you lacks wisdom,
let him ask God who gives genorously to
all without reproach and it will be given
him. God promised that He will grant
wisdom to those who ask for it.
Let God be God. Therefore we need God’s wisdom to
reverse the ontological inversion to its origin in Christ.
Thru His wisdom we can live out our life in accordance
to His plan. Plan for success and abundant.
(John 10:10, Joshua 1:8)
How many of you want wisdom from God?
Come forward to receive His wisdom today.
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