By: Alexis Quintana
CRE 101
Phyllis Salsedo
Same-sex marriage permits couples of the same gender to enter
legally-recognized marriages and provides them with the same
legal rights as couples in heterosexual marriages. Same-sex
marriage is legal in the countries of Argentina, Belgium, Canada,
Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain,
and Sweden. In the United States as of 2012, same-sex marriage
is legal in Connecticut, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts,
New Hampshire, New York, Vermont, Washington, and the
District of Columbia. Several other states recognize civil unions
and domestic partnerships as well as out-of-state marriages.
Opponents of same-sex marriage argue that the institution of
marriage should apply only to unions between one man and one
woman. Allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry, they say,
undermines the institution of marriage itself. Some who object to
same-sex marriage support the idea of civil unions, rather than
full marriage, for same-sex couples. But advocates say that such
unions are not fully equivalent to marriage and deprive samesex couples of equal rights.
Darlene Garner and Candy Holmes embrace after they
exchanged marriage vows during their wedding
ceremony at the Human Rights Campaign building in
Washington on March 9, 2010. In December 2009, the
DC Council approved a bill that would allow for samesex marriages to be performed in the District.
This video is of a gay man that is pro- same
sex marriage
In this speech, Jacob Kraybill starts off talking about a gay couple
that have shared a life together for 8 years. These two men
completely acted like a married couple, unfortunately they were
never able to be legally married in their home state of California.
One of the men then became very ill, he soon got so ill that he
was days from death. Since the two men were not married, the
man’s partner was not able to get information from doctors
about the illness that was taking his one true love away from
him. The man died days later, leaving behind his beloved who
was legally not able to be by his side because they were not
legally married. Jacob later goes on to state facts that same sex
marriage is a matter of human rights. He also states that
heterosexual married couples get more benefits from being
married and homosexual couples do not. Benefits such as tax
breaks, social security benefits, and hospital visitation rights. He
also goes on to point out that nobody chooses to be gay.
This video is of Mitt Romney speaking about
his reasons for opposing same sex marriage
In this video it is Mitt Romney speaking
about his beliefs on same sex marriage. He
believes that marriage should be between a
man and a woman. Romney believes that
gay couples should only be allowed a
domestic partnership with the rights to
adopt children and live together. Romney
also believes that allowing same sex
couples to wed is a deviation from the
sanctity of marriage and the way marriage
has been described for decades.
“The arguments against gay marriage do not hold up. Most of
the anti-gay marriage arguments involve religion but
conservatives should not be permitted to impose their
religious ideas on others who do not share them or to deny
civil marriage to homosexuals. Notably, conservatives do not
argue that the US Constitution bans gay marriage, probably
because the opposite is true: The 14th Amendment likely
protects gay marriage. The new arguments that gay marriage
might be discussed in schools or that gays should not be able
to define marriage for heterosexuals are equally hollow.
Children cannot be shielded from information that is widely
available on television and elsewhere, and there is no reason
religious groups should be allowed to define marriage for
“Supporters of gay marriage claim it will not hurt anyone, but
there would be both immediate and long-term harms that
would come from legalizing same sex marriage. Among the
immediate effects would be taxpayer subsidies to
homosexuals, including Social Security benefits, the teaching
of homosexual values in public schools, and threats to
religious liberty when churches and religious institutions are
challenged not to discriminate against gays. Longer-term
effects would include fewer people marrying, fewer sexually
faithful relationships, more divorces, fewer children being
raised by both a mother and a father, a falling birth rate, and
demands for recognition of polygamy as a legitimate form of
Through much investigation, I have found that same sex
marriage is a very sensitive subject in our society today.
Whether people are for same sex marriage or they are against
it is a subject that I believe is a matter of human rights. The
people that support same sex marriage believe that allowing
two people that love each other to wed is simple human
rights and will not effect heterosexual marriages. The
percentage of people that oppose same sex marriage are
against it either for religious reasons or lack of knowledge. I
believe that after looking at the evidence I support same sex
marriages. I do not think that a homosexual marriage would
effect anyone else but the couple themselves. “Marriage
should be between a spouse and a spouse, not a gender and
a gender.” ― Hendrik Hertzberg
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