Prepositional Phrases(For Download)

Prepositional Phrases
• A phrase is a group of words, but it is NOT
a complete sentence
Prepositional Phrases
• Starts with a Preposition
• Includes Modifiers
• Ends with a Noun which is called the
object of the preposition
Formula= p(m+n(oop))= pp
– Ex. Heather Graham played a psychologist in
the TV show Scrubs.
– Prep. phrase: in the TV show Scrubs
object of preposition
Prepositional Phrases
• Prepositional Phrases are used to
describe and give more information about
other words
– Ex. Dr. Cox has an angry look on his face.
• Tells us where to find the angry look.
– Ex. J.D. works at Sacred Hearts Hospital.
• Tells us where J.D. works.
Find the Phrase and Tell What it Modifies- record
your answers on page 10 in your notebook.
1. The patient on the table
2. J.D. cried for hours.
3. The janitor is my favorite
character on the show.
4. Turk is cool, too – you
can’t leave him out of the
• 1. PP- on the table; describes the patient
and where he lies. (location)
• 2. PP- for hours; describes how long J.D.
cried. (time)
• 3. PP- on the show; describes where the
character was. (location)
• 4. PP- of the Power point; (describes Turk)
Placement of Prepositional
• What is a phrase?
• A prepositional phrase is?
So we know that…
• Prepositions tell us time, direction, and
• We know that prepositional phrases begin
with a preposition and end with a noun
• But… where are prepositional phrases
within a sentence?
• Prepositional phrases should be beside
the word in which they modify.
– Look at these:
• Suddenly, Morning Girl saw her island through
strangers’ eyes.
– How did Morning Girl see her island?
• Poe’s writings are very popular in Europe.
– Where are Poe’s writings popular?
Okay… but how do I know what
word it modifies?
• Easy• Look at this sentence:
– The dog outside the house ran.
• What’s wrong with this?
What if we moved the prepositional
phrase in another place?
• Let’s look at the same sentences…
• Suddenly, Morning Girl through strangers’ eyes saw her
– How does the movement of the pphrase
change the meaning of the sentence?
• Poe’s writings in Europe are very popular.
– What about this sentence?
Look at these…
• The sun shone as the current gently
cradled it behind the canoe.
– Where did the sun shine?
• She beneath the blue waters swam.
– Where did she swim?
See if you can figure these out
• 1. A temple stands here of great size.
• 2. I noticed with heavy suitcases some
• 3.They show for their elders great respect.
• Complete the worksheet 1-5 ONLY.
• Follow the directions.
• Glue into your journal when finished.