For Senior High School
by: Muh. Zuljanahain, S.Pd
Introduction of Descriptive Text
Introduction of Descriptive Text
Descriptive texts are the texts which are used
to describe about a particular place,
thing. A descriptive text focuses on a specific
thing and its specific features. Descriptions can
be used in textbook, encyclopedias, scientific
magazines, historical texts, factual reading book,
magazines etc
Introduction of Descriptive Text
Social Function of
Descriptive text is to
describe particular
person, person or
Introduction of Descriptive Text
Identification : identifies the phenomenon to
be described
Generic Structure
of Descriptive text
Description of Features : describes features in
order of importance
-Parts/ things, it is about physical appearance
-Qualities, it can be the degree of beauty,
excellence, value or worth
-Characteristic, it can be prominent aspects
that are unique
Introduction of
of Descriptive
Descriptive Text
Generic Features of Descriptive
1.Descriptive texts usually use Simple Present Tense
2.Frequent use of Passive sentences.
3.Use of be (is, am, are, was, were) for the identification and
showing qualities
4.Use of verb “Have” (have, has, had) in order to give detail
description of the object’s features.
5.Use of action verbs related to the topic, especially when
describing behaviors or personalities (for persons) especially
the qualities
6.Use of adjectives in describing
Introduction of Descriptive Text
The Example of Description Text
Generic structure
My Toy
I have a toy. It is a doll, bear a doll, and I call Teddy.
Teddy Bear is an American origin. My dad brought it as a
present for my tenth birthday anniversary last year. The doll is
small, fluffy, and cute. It has thick brown fur. When I cuddle it,
the fur feels soft. Because my Teddy Bears is a doll, I don’t need
to feed it. I wash it at laundry at least once a month. Every
night Teddy accompanies me sleeping. When I am at school,
Teddy stays in my bed. Teddy Bears is really a nice, adore, and
charming toy. I love my Teddy Bear very much
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