Pangea will happen again in the future digital essay[1].

Have you ever wondered if the countries
will ever all come together creating one
big supercontinent? NASA has found
that it will. They say that it will happen in
about 250 million years. This is possible
because of continental drift; which is
when the continents move.
When Pangea happens in the future there will be many
benefits. One benefit is that all people will either learn
multiple languages or they will all have the same language.
This will happen because everyone will be next to each other
and they will have to be able to communicate with each
other. This is our tomorrow. Another benefit of Pangea
happening again is that everyone will have access to equal
amounts of food because all of the sources of food will also
be connected. This is our tomorrow. One more benefit of
Pangea happening again is that everything is equal; no one
country would be left out. This is because when one country
gets more of something, the other countries would find out
because they are all connected. This is our tomorrow.
A disadvantage would be that there will be
more wars. This is because the countries would
be closer together and it will be easier to make
people angry or upset. Another disadvantage
of Pangea is that technology won’t advance
as fast. This is because people won’t be
focused on working and creating new things,
they will be focused on learning languages for
communicating with others or at war with
someone. One more disadvantage is that the
world would have only one type of money. This
would cause all the other money to become
obsolete and would eventually have to be
Some reasons that Pangea may end the world
are that when the countries crash it makes
deadly hot lava flow out. This would happen
because the crust plates would push against
each other and make a volcano. Another
reason that Pangea may end the world is that
when the countries crash, it causes a massive
earthquake which could kill the people. The
last reason that Pangea may end the world is
that when the countries crash, it makes the
world erode faster. I am sure that at some point
time the world will end. Pangea is just one
example of how things could end the world.
Even though Pangea will be a bad thing,
I think it would have more good than
bad. On the other hand, if we could stop
continental drift, then we may be able
to make the world survive for a longer
time. Then maybe we could find a new
planet to live saving our race. It would
be better to live than to learn a new
language. (example)
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