File - Ms. Lesniak`s Sophomore English Class

Bellwork – 5 minute right
• Task *Take one of the newspapers and pick an article to read and respond to in one
*You will need to somehow connect A Doll's House to the article you read and
describe this connection in your paragraph.
Topics include any of the following:
-Women positioned in traditional roles as housewife/cook
-Women positioned in roles that were typically for males only
-Men in leadership positions
-You can somehow link horoscopes or cartoons to the play
-You can link job postings to the play and mentioned which jobs would be
male or female
-You can comment on court cases and if there are any themes of
lying/secrets/stealing that can be connected to the play
-You can look at advertisements and see if you can link them to gender
-You can comment on any articles that deal with obtaining civil rights for
women or men
• Students will compare the written
composition of Henrik Ibsen's A
Doll's House to the film version of
the play in order to prove the
consistency of theme and
• 1:14:30 – 1:29:30
As you watch the ending of Act 2,
make sure you fill in the rest of
selection summaries so that by
end of class you have all 6 to turn
You may not copy off of a friend...
this is cheating and you will get a
First, repeat the words after me:
Calculating, Evasions, Tumultuous, Proprieties, Capricious
Second, copy the definition in your bellwork:
1. Calculating (adj.) – shrewd or cunning. (p. 1002)
2. Evasions (noun) – attempts to avoid duties or questions.
(p. 1004)
3. Tumultuous (adj.) – wild and noisy. (p. 1005)
4. Capricious (adj.) – erratic, flighty. (p. 1006)
5. Proprieties (noun) – conformities with what is considered
fitting, suitable, or proper. (p. 1006)
Next, pair up with a front to back partner and discuss questions 1-3 while
you write them in your bellwork. I will walk around and listen.
1. Which of the following ARE related to the meaning of Calculating?
a narcissistic friend
B. a cunning thief
C. a naïve girl
D. a scheming business man E. an selfless friend
2. Which of the following terms has a negative connotation?
A. Evasions
B. Tumultuous
3. Use propriety in a sentence to answer question 3.
One way I have demonstrated propriety is when I
________________ because propriety means _________________?
• Students will cite textual
evidence to prove their
predictions for the fate of
each of the characters.
Happy Tuesday
A Doll’s House: Act 3
Selection Summary #1- (p. 1001-1002)
1. Are Mrs. Linde’s actions calculating? How so? What
does she sacrifice and why does she make that sacrifice?
2. What might Mrs. Linde’s past feelings foreshadow?
It can be considered calculating that she suddenly shows up at
the Helmers’ house and obtains a job, but she is simply just
trying to provide for herself. She sacrificed a future with
Krogstad to marry a man that she thought could support her
family. This action reinforces Ibsen’s theme of women making
sacrifices for their family at the cost of their own happiness.
Mrs. Linde’s statement that “help may be near” foreshadows a
possible arrangement with Krogstad.
A Doll’s House: Act 3
Selection Summary #2- (p. 1003-1004)
1. What is Krogstad’s metaphor and what does it mean?
2. What does Mrs. Linde suggest?
3. What does Mrs. Linde learn about her position at the
Krogstad’s metaphor is “I’m a half-drowned man now, hanging
onto a wreck” (Doll Act 3). This means that he is alone, feeling
unwanted and unneeded. He is suffering now that he is left
without a job or anyone to care for. His family is in jeopardy. He
is trying to hang onto what he has but there is nothing left to
hang onto.
Mrs. Linde tells Krogstad she feels the same and suggests that
the two get married.
Mrs. Linde finds out that Krogstad will lose his job as a result of
her receiving a job.
A Doll’s House: Act 3
Selection Summary #3- (p. 1005)
1. Is Krogstad a dynamic character or static character? Why?
2. Does Krogstad want to retrieve the letter from Torvald?
3. Does Mrs. Linde tell Krogstad to get the letter back? Why
or why not?
Krogstad is a dynamic character because he has a dramatic
transition from a miserable man whose life is about to collapse
to someone who has “never been so happy.”
Mrs. Linde renewed her friendship with him and gave him hope
for the future. He wanted a good, new life with her. He hadn't
really wanted to hurt Nora and Helmer; he just couldn't see any
other way to continue without a job or hope.
No, Mrs. Linde changes her mind about getting the letter back
and says, “Helmer's got to learn everything; this dreadful secret
has to be aired; those two have to come to a full understanding;
all these lies and evasions can't go on” (Doll Act 3).
1. Mrs. Linde dumped Krogstad because:
a. He was poor b. He was a criminal c. He was married
d. He didn’t love her
2. Mrs. Linde suggests which of the following to
a. She can be a nanny for his kids b. He can have his job
back at the bank c. They can get back together d.
none of the above
3. What does Mrs. Linde do about Nora’s situation?
a. She tells Krogstad to speak with Torvald b. She tells
Krogstad to get the letter out of the mailbox c. She
tells Krogstad to turn himself in d. She tells Krogstad
that Nora and Torvald need to work out their own
A Doll’s House: Act 3
Selection Summary #4- (p. 1006-1009)
1. What advice does Mrs. Linde give to Nora about Torvald?
2. What theme is revealed when Mrs. Linde gives Nora this advice?
3. What is Nora’s change in personality and what might this
4. Is there a role reversal between Nora and Torvald?
5. What does Dr. Rank come to say?
Mrs. Linde tells Nora to stop being stubborn and just tell Torvald the
She reveals that independence can only come from honesty.
Nora has decided that she needs to be away from Torvald. She
resents his possessiveness towards her.
The fact that Torvald is unaware and shows irritation shows that he
is now the one acting childlike, while Nora is starting to gain
Dr. Rank comes to tell Nora goodbye because he will die very soon.
Students will critique the ending of A Doll's
House to confirm or refute their predictions
of each character.
First, take 5 minutes to find the location in the
text and symbolism of “the mailbox” and
“the freezing black water”.
Based on your interpretation of each character – tap into their minds to
develop a possible tweet for their twitter page.
You can pick any of the following characters:
Nora Helmer
Torvald Helmer
Kristine Linde
Nils Krogstad
Dr. Rank
As always, remember to keep your work school appropriate.
Vocabulary Bellwork
First, repeat the words after me:
Hypocrite, Grafter, Bewildered, Miracle
Second, copy the definition in your bellwork:
1. Hypocrite (noun) – someone who merely pretend to be
virtuous. (p. 1013)
2. Grafter (noun) – someone who takes advantage of his or
her position to gain money or property dishonestly. (p.
3. Bewildered (adj.) – puzzled, confused. (p. 1015)
4. Miracle (noun) – an unusual or wonderful event that can
result from divine intervention. (p. 1018)
Vocabulary Bellwork
Next, pair up with a front to back partner and discuss questions 1-3
while you write them in your bellwork. I will walk around and
1. Which of the following ARE related to the meaning of hypocrite?
a cheating boyfriend/girlfriend
B. a bigot
C. a trustworthy friend
D. an actor/actress
E. a scam artist
F. an honest politician
2. Which of the following terms has a negative connotation?
A. Grafter
B. Miracle
3. Use bewildered in a sentence to answer question 3.
An instance in my life where I have been bewildered was
when ________________ because bewildered means
A Doll’s House: Act 3
Selection Summary #5- (p. 1010-1013)
1. When Torvald finally goes to the mailbox, what does Nora
plan to do?
2. What do you think will be Torvald’s reaction to the letter?
3. What is Torvald’s response to the letter?
4. What did Torvald do when he opened the envelope
containing the document from Krogstad?
Nora plans to commit suicide by drowning herself.
Torvald initially told Nora that he had the “strength and courage” to
take on any threat of Krogstad’s, before he new what the letter said.
Maybe he will protect Nora and defend her, rather than blame her.
He flies into a rage and calls Nora a criminal, a liar, a hypocrite, and
disgusting. He forbids her to raise the children and says their
marriage will be one only of appearances.
He instantly forgave Nora and said that everything would be as it was
(only better because they will be closer because of Nora's
Is there a role reversal between Nora and Torvald?
True b. False
Mrs. Linde tells Nora to
Lie b. Be honest c. Run away d. Do “something
Dr. Rank comes to tell Nora
They should get married b. She should leave Torvald
c. He will die d. He is cured
When Torvald reads the blackmail letter from
Krogstad, he responds by:
Calling Nora a hypocrite b. Forgiving her
Explaining they will take down Krogstad d. Telling
Nora they are divorcing
A Doll’s House: Act 3
Selection Summary #6- (p. 1014-1016)
1. Does Torvald recognize Nora’s individuality?
2. What does Torvald believe caused Nora to get involved
with Krogstad?
3. How do both of these statements relate to the Nature vs.
Nurture debate.
Torvald does not recognize Nora’s individuality. He believes she
only exists to emphasize his public image and status in society.
Torvald thinks Nora only got involved with Krogstad because she
doesn’t know any better.
Torvald follows the nature debate that Nora literally doesn’t have
the mental capacity to make correct choices because she is a
woman and is subordinate. Nora follows the nurture theory and
understands she is suffering because she is a product of her
environment. She believes there needs to be equality in a
relationship and understands that her own marriage is marked
by inequity.
A Doll’s House: Act 3
Selection Summary #7- (p. 1017-1019)
1. What decision has Nora made?
2. What claim does Nora make about love? Do you think
this still applies today?
3. What does a doll house symbolize in regards to Nora and
Nora had decided that she is going to leave Torvald.
Nora claims that millions of women have sacrificed honor for
love, meaning that they gave up their identity for what they
thought was love. This may still apply today, but today women
have many more rights. It is socially acceptable for women to
be independent; therefore, it is possible to have honor and love.
A doll house is manipulated to simulate a happy existence of a
family. Torvald manipulates Nora so that they simulate a happy
marriage. However, she no longer wants to live the façade of a
A Doll’s House: Act 3
Selection Summary #8- (p. 1020-1022)
1. Why does Nora leave Torvald?
She realizes that he is more concerned for himself and
appearances than for her. He is not the man she thought he
was. She has discovered the real world and wants to be a part
of it, to educate herself and be a responsible individual instead
of someone else's “doll.”
She also tells Torvald that she is freeing him from responsibility
for her and her actions.
Oh Snap!
Yes she
No she
• What is the theme of this song? Keep in mind the lyrics
“I’m nothing without you.”
• What is the symbolism in this song? Keep in mind the
lyrics “I can be your china doll, if you want to see me fall.”
• Connect your response to A Doll’s House and answer in 5
complete sentences.