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Euphemism for prostitute
Angel Yin
 Function: to protect the speaker/writer,
hearer/reader from possible offence
 This offence may occur in the broaching of a taboo
topic like religion, death, or sex.
Sexual Euphemism
 The subject of sex, being a major concern in
human life and one that is likely to elicit
embarrassment, is a potent source of euphemism
for Western people of most ages.
Sex worker
 A person who works in the sex industry.
 Some sex workers are paid to engage in sexually explicit
 Pornography models and actors
 Phone sex operators
 Other sex workers are paid to engage in live sexual
 Some sex workers perform erotic dances and other acts
for an audience.
Sex worker
 The term was coined in 1980 by sex worker
activist Carol Leigh. The term "sex worker" has
since spread into much wider use, including in
academic publications, by NGOs and labor unions,
and by governmental and intergovernmental
 A sex worker who does not operate in a brothel, but with
whom clients make appointments. /
A person, often a prostitute, who is hired to
spend time with another as a companion.
 Technically, an “escort” is a guide or chaperon.
An “Escort Service” was originally designed to provide a
social guide for people without dates. An “escort” would
accompany you to show you around. Eventually, the
“escorting” part was dropped and just the “date” part was
Call girl
 A call girl or female escort is a sex worker who (unlike
a street walker) is not visible to the general public; nor
does she usually work in an institution, although she
may be employed by an escort agency.
 The client must make an appointment, usually by
calling a telephone number. Call girls are generally
the most attractive (and the most expensive) of the
Street walker
 A 3rd-class prostitute.
Whore who finds clients by walking in the
street, usually working on his/her own without
a pimp or brothel.
 Street walker usually takes on all customers and
she dates anywhere, car, room, woods, wherever it
is handy.
 1592 (from Merriam-Webster)
 A woman of loose morals
 A broad is not necessarily a slut because all the wear
and tear may have come from one man but a slut is
always a broad
 originated in the 1930's
 The free dictionary
 British
 Short for prostitute
Lady of the night (probably British)
 A woman who trades sexual favors for money.
 Popularization
Donna Summer - Lady Of The Night
They call her the lady of the night
She's a woman of the world
and easy-living girl with love for sale
that's what they call her the lady of the night
 No specific origin
1. It has been used since 1800s
2. A kind of flower
 Slang: a cheap whore, or a woman suspected of
loose morals and easy virtue
 A lady who hangs on the sleeve of a military officer,
attends all barrack and is always ready to get up a
dance, dinner, or picnic, to please the officers on
whom she dances attendance.
 Black-American slang
 A prostitute of either sex
 A person who sells himself or herself sexually
 a female prostitute, especially a young and
inexpensive one
 Origin: 1860–65, Americanism
 (British)Also means a shop selling fish and chips
 Words @ Random
 A woman who engages in sexual intercourse for money /
A female is capable of frequently having casual sexual
relations with different partners
 Word History: The word is first recorded in English in a
work written around the beginning of the 13th century,
meaning "a man of no fixed occupation, vagabond,
beggar," and soon afterwards meant "male lecher."
Already in the 14th century it appears as a deprecatory
word for a woman.
Flat back
 A sexually promiscuous woman who prefers the
missionary position.
 Originally used in a detective novels of the 1930s and
1940s as “flatbacker”
 Flatback (V.): to have prostituted your way through
something, either by trading or by selling for money, in
order to pay.
Hose bag
 a trashy woman, usually the object of a one-night
 a common slutty woman who usually hits on guys
in bars so she can drink for free and will have sex
with just about anybody.
Turn a trick
 Mainly used in U.S.
 to perform an act of prostitution(to have sex with
someone for money)
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