iWay Service Manager 6.1.0

iWay Service Manager 6.1.0
Naomi Klamen
iWay Product Management
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iWay Roadmap
iWay Service Manager Releases
 5.5.SP2 End of Support (Java 1.4)
 EOS12/31/2010
 5.6 Maintenance (Java 1.5)
 5.6.12 10/8/2010
 6.0 Maintenance (Java 1.5)
 None planned
 6.0.1 Maintenance (Java 1.5, certified only 1.6)
 9/30/2010
 11/15/2010
 6.1 New Release** (Java 1.6)
 Beta 9/27/2010
 GA 11/8
iWay Service Manager 6.1
 iWay 6.1
 New release install
 Not upgrade
 New environment variable IWAY61
 Requires JAVA 1.6
 Can coexist with iWay 5.6 and iWay 6.0.1
iWay 6.1.0 Enhancement Areas
 Core
 Transformer
 eBusiness
 Adapters
 iWay Integration Tools
iWay Service Manager 6.1 GA Roadmap
 Operation and Management Enhancements
 Centralized management of iWay Service Manager
servers (remote servers)
 New ISM features
 XQUERY services
 Reverse invocation: iterative, synchronous forward
 Internal Queue pending, Priority
iWay 6.1.0 SNMP
 Simple Network Management Protocol
 An Internet standard for reporting status
 Exposes iSM activity to 3rd party analysis tools
IBM Tivoli
HP OpenView
CA Unicenter
Freeware such as ‘MRTG’
 Exchanges a standards-based Message Information
[MIB] with the analysis tool (called a Manager)
 Supports SNMPv3 (current) including security
iWay 6.1.0 – What is SNMP?
 iSM SNMP MIB exposes key information:
Server status
Listener status
Special registers
 iSM SNMP MIB allows start/stop of listeners
 Users can query for state or configure for notifications [alarms]
Server up/down Listener up/down
 Associates with JVM’s MIB [and OS MIB]
Memory use
CPU use
iWay 6.1.0: Uses for SNMP
 Alert if server goes down
 Alert if memory becomes depleted
 Alert if performance goes under x msgs/second
 Alert if total sales amount exceeds x units
 If total msgs/sec exceeds x, start another listener
iWay 6.1.0: SNMP Provider
iWay Service Manager 6.1.0: Telnet Extension
 used to remotely access the iSM 6.1.0
A Telnet client session can connect to any iSM instance
running either in the foreground or the background.
 Helpful when access to the command line console
cannot be performed locally when the iSM instance is
running in the background, for example, a Windows
iWay Service Manager 6.1.0: Telnet extension
 iWay Telnet extension
 One telnet listener required per Server
 Not per configuration
 Local. Controlled as remote –config <name>.
 Remote. Controlled as remote –host host:port,
Once established and assigned, the control port will
not change for that configuration
 show configs
Enter command:>show configs
* base
Server Uptime: 7 minutes
telnet port=23
Server is down
training Server Uptime: 9 hours, 29 minut
 remote training
Enter command:>remote training
remote to 'training' set
iWay Service Manager 6.1.0: Telnet extension
 iWay Telnet extension
 Scripting for lights out operation
 set cmdstatus = on
( echo open ${host} ${port}
sleep 1
echo "iway"
sleep 1
echo "iway"
sleep 1
echo ${cmd}
sleep 1
echo quit ) | telnet > /home/jay/out.txt
echo " "
echo "* * * command output start * * *"
cat /home/jay/out.txt
echo "* * * command output end * * * *"
echo " "
iWay Service Manager 6.1.0: Telnet extension
 iWay Telnet extension command return codes
Command successful
General security not otherwise explained
General syntax error
Resource error - the component or item called upon returned an error
Specification error: Although the syntax was right the combination of information was not
IO: Some I/O error occurred
Error not categorized
Cannot remote the specified command. For example, cannot issue a 'remote' command in remote mode
Principal in effect did not allow the command to run
Cannot parse the external configuratikon file in a PULL command
Unknown configuration for PULLcommand
Provider class is not recognizedin the PULL command
Provider class not found in PULL cmmand
Name of an external tool is not specified in TOOL command
Unable to read dictionary in PULL command
Tool not found to execute
Tool specified is not a valid iWay server tool
Tool failed with reported exception
Tool failed with reported runtime exception
No remote setting offered
Remote configuration is not configured on this installation of the server
Remote configuration <name> is not running. The configuration must be running to execute commands.
Unable to remote to own configuration.
The name of a master/channel is required and was not entered
Names master/channel was not valid
Master/channel name is required for comand and it is missing.
Register name is restricted. You cannot set a configuration or other restricted special register's value
Invalid value expression: needs a document. You cannot use iFL expresisons to set a register vlaue if the
RUN command requires a path to a command file
<line number> in run script has a syntax error
<line number> in run script has a, iFL syntax error
Syntax, a member of a list of values is not valid
iWay Service Manager 6.1.0: XQuery
 XQuery provides the means to extract and manipulate data
from XML documents or any data source that can be viewed
as XML
 XQuery uses XPath expression syntax to address specific
parts of an XML document
 Supplements this with a SQL-like "FLWOR expression" for
performing joins. A FLWOR : FOR, LET, WHERE, ORDER
 XQuery is easier to learn than XSLT
 XQuery 1.0 does not include features for updating XML
documents or databases
iWay Service Manager 6.1.0: XQuery
 Install XQuery extension
 IFL statement
 _Xquery()
 Used to return simple value
 XDXQueryAgent
 Return XML Document
 Full XQuery
iWay Service Manager 6.1.0: XQuery
 XQuery
iWay Transformer Enhancement Areas
• ‘Validate Component Structure’ feature
• ‘Preserve Mapping’ feature
• Mapping Library
• ‘Output Formatter’ feature
• Document viewer improvements
• Flat Files: monospace font and line and column
Test transform: Pretty Print for XML document
Transformer Enhancements
Validate Component Structure
• Validate Dictionary structure and produce an error
message on element overlap at design time
Copyright 2010, Information Builders. Slide 19
Transformer Enhancements
Mapping Builder
• Ability to store an aggregation of functions to be reused in
future projects (macro)
Copyright 2010, Information Builders. Slide 20
Transformer Enhancements
Document Viewer Improvements
• Flat Files: monospace font and line and column
Copyright 2010, Information Builders. Slide 21
Transformer Enhancements
Document Viewer Improvements
• Test Transform: Pretty Print for XML document
Copyright 2010, Information Builders. Slide 22
Output Formatter Feature
• Expands pipeline transformation to the Transform
iWay Designer Improvements
Designer usability improvements:
• Auto save
• Sort projects alphabetically
• Import projects now sorted alphabetically
• Design mode alert box only has option for "OK"...
Development Tools
Tools  Customize  AutoRecover
Development Tools
Autosave  Recover
6.1.0 Adapters
 Application Adapters
 Connect Direct
 J. D. Edwards One World
 J. D. Edwards Enterprise One
 .Net
 Oracle Applications
 People Soft
 SAPJCO 3.x API’s
 Siebel
 Sales Force.com including Bulk update
 Telnet Adapter
6.1.0 eBusiness Adapters
 EDI/X12
 Metadata is downloaded separately
 Both Pipeline and Non Pipeline metadata
 EDIFACT only has pipelined metadata.
 SWIFT 2010
6.1.0 eBusiness: Business Activity Monitor
Enhanced Filtering and Search options
Better performance and data load
Ability to log only start/end/error events for optimum
production performance
Transaction Grouping based on any column enables the
grouping of messages together.
Oracle and MS SQL Server 2005/2008 support
Display of additional information such as source name,
duration, message size.
Support for Business Type errors indicated by Yellow
Warning Status flag.
Integration with WebFOCUS reports designed for BAM
6.1.0 eBusiness: Business Activity Monitor
• LDAP supported for authentication
• Multinode deployment, centralized server with multiple
client/config nodes
Resubmit message with context
• Resubmit multiple messages at same time
• BAM - Partner Activity and Correlation Activity linked view to
enable quicker data search
• BAM - Message logging at any point of process, even when
internal events are not logged. Enables user selected log
6.1.0 eBusiness: Trading Partner Manager
• Enhanced Metadata View with expand/collapse/sort options
and description fields
Unique relationship between Partner - System - Message
type for quick routing.
• Copy ability for any domain such as partner, system, etc..
• Enhanced performance for quick data access
• LDAP supported for authentication
• Partner search capability
• Oracle and MS SQL Server 2005/2008 support
• Enhanced GUI for quicker navigation and view of metadata
iWay Service Manager 6.1 GA Roadmap
 Oracle LEA
 DQC 7.0
 IIT Production (Windows only)
iWay Integration Tools
 Release
 CFR released on the 11/09.
 CFR first update release on 12/02.
 Going production with 6.1 GA
 Available via techsupport.ibi.com.
 Update site http://updates.ibi.com/iit
 Will provide updates for the CFR into production.
 DQC integrated builds
iWay Integration Tools
 Features
 IFL editor available.
 Data Integration Extension support through the Data
Integration Object.
 iWay Integration Tools Getting Started Guide available
iWay Integration Tools Roadmap
 Short term (for 6.1 GA)
 Channel Editor
 Dictionary Builder
 Long Term:
 Impact Analysis
iWay Service Manager 6.1.1 Roadmap
 Operation and Management Enhancements
 Remote Deployment of iWay Applications and
 Enhanced Security
 Role Based Security
 Enhanced Console security including LDAP,SSO
New features
 Improved Web Service engine including WS* and
SOAP over any protocol
 Complex WSDL
 Managed File Transfer services
iWay Service Manager
 Customer Feedback:
 We love and need feedback!!!
 Hottrack cases for bugs.
 New Feature Requests/Usability enhancements
 Hottrack.
 Email to [email protected]
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