Caddo Indians - mrsseiders

Let’s find out about the Caddo Nation!
The original name of the Caddo was Cadohadacho
When the Europeans came to North America, the
Caddo lived in the present states of Louisiana,
Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.
Today, most of the Caddo live in the state of
The Caddo looked like this
First, the Caddo!
Most Caddo speak
English today but many
also speak the Caddo
“Kua’at”(pronounced Kooah-aht) is a friendly
Caddo women
Caddo women wore
wraparound skirts and
poncho tops made of
deerskin. They usually
braided their hair or tied it
back with ribbons.
Both men and women wore
earrings and moccasins.
Hair styles!
Men wore their hair in a
scalplock. (One long lock of
hair on top of their head
usually braided).
Sometimes the men wore a “
roach” or headpiece made
of red-dyed deer hair and
turkey beards.
“turkey roach”
Women and hair styles
Caddo women usually
wore their long hair in a
For special occasions
they would add
ornaments or ribbons to
their bun.
Caddo transportation
The Caddo preferred to
travel by land but also
made dugout canoes out
of logs for travel by
What kind of food did the Caddo eat?
The Caddo Indians were farmers and hunters.
 They
grew corn, beans, pumpkins and sunflowers.
 They hunted deer, buffalo and small game and fished.
Tools used by the Caddo
To hunt they used bows
and arrows
They also made axes
with a heavy stone head
to chop wood.
When they fought other
people, they used their
bows and arrows and
their tomahawk.
Caddo ax
Caddo homes
Caddo homes were tall,
dome-shaped grass
houses. Sometimes they
were so large, 30
people could live in
How were Caddo children raised?
Caddo children were busy doing chores for the
family. They did not have much play time.
 They
did play with dolls and toys. A game they played
was trying to throw a dart through a moving hoop.
(hoop dart anyone?)
Caddo art
The Caddo people were
famous for their pottery.
Caddo music
The favorite Caddo
musical instrument is the
drum. As drums are
played, other Caddo
dance and sing.
Caddo Indian legends and folklore
One story is called, “Village Boy and Wild Boy.” It
is about mythical twins whose mother was killed by
a monster.
Another story is called “Coyote.” It is about a tricky
figure who gets involved in different forms of