Ofcom Consumer Switching Web Call 9 September

Ofcom Consumer Switching
9 September 2014
Bev Bytheway-Jackson
Senior Product Manager
Tel: 01244 657938
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RID Reminder
As part of the work that we are doing in relation to Ofcom Consumer Switching we
have to introduce mandatory RIDs for BT Wholesale Broadband products.
The products impacted are IPstream, Wholesale Broadband Connect (WBC) and
WBMC over IPstream Connect and WBC.
The RID is a three-character alphabetic code which is used to identify the 'Gaining
CP' (the new party which has entered into a contractual agreement with the end
user for provision of services).
If you have retailers, you will need a separate RID for each retailer.
We are introducing RID and postcode as an optional field in Release AP (14
September) and will be making them mandatory in Release AQ (16 November).
If you send us a RID following Release AP, we will validate against it.
From 17 November your orders will be rejected if they do not contain a valid RID.
How to request a RID
To apply for a RID please;
Email Ofcom via [email protected] requesting a S18 RID
Application Form.
The subject title of the email should be RID REQUEST
Complete the form and return it to the same email address. Your request will be
processed manually and it could take up to three weeks for the code to be returned.
The deadline for applying to Ofcom for a RID, in order to meet with the BT
Wholesale mandatory change in Release AQ, is 22 October 2014
Strategic Notice of Transfer KCI’s
We are introducing strategic Notice of Transfer KCI’s in Release AP on 14 September.
Today you have to download the notifications via BBCR reports (Lost Migration,
Migration Summary or Order Delta reports), the strategic KCI1,2 & 3 will be delivered
to you in real time
KCI1 to tell you an order has been placed
KCI2 to give you the date that the cease/migration will take place
• Trigger for CP to send out NoT letter to End User
KC13 to confirm completion of the order
• Trigger to stop End User billing
These new KCIs will be deployed switched off in Release AP due to
issues found late in testing. We will notify you of the switch on date as
soon as we have it.
CP Action required for Strategic KCI’s
We are introducing a new ‘NoT contact’ role in eCo Plus and you will need to select
your preference for how you receive KCIs after 14 September.
You can do this yourself via the CP Administrator function on eCo Plus via a drop
down menu.
If you choose email you will need to provide a ‘Primary Contact’ by populating the
email address to which BTW should send the cease notifications. We recommend
that this is a generic email address rather than a personal one.
We have a regulatory obligation to ensure that we are sending you NoT notifications
so as a back-up we will also need an email address for a ‘Secondary Contact’
should the ‘Primary Contact’ point fail for some reason.
Please email the ‘Secondary Contact’ email address to Bev Bytheway-Jackson
[email protected] asap.
Contact Administration – eCoPlus
Find Contact by role
Contact Administration – eCoPlus
Find Contact by role
Contact Administration – eCoPlus
Contact Role Administration
Contact Administration – eCoPlus
Contact Role Administration
Contact Administration – eCoPlus
Contact Role Administration
Contact Administration – eCoPlus
Contact Role Administration
Release AQ Changes to Cancel Other codes
We've identified an issue in testing relating to the new Cancel Other codes
In briefing BB1551-14 issued on 15 August 2014, we informed you about the new
Cancel Other codes, due to be implemented as part of Release AQ.
We're sorry to tell you that due to an issue found in testing, we have had to make
changes to the text format of the Cancel Other messages.
The Release AQ XML documentation 'Wholesale B2B L2C T2R Rel AQ 12-08-2014'
will be updated accordingly.
Existing Cancel Other reason in BTW
New Cancel Other reason in BTW
Cancel Other-Failure To cancel
CancelOther Fail To Cancel
DifferentCancelOther Different Product
Cancel Other-Deliberate Attempt to Mislead CancelOther Attempt Mislead
Cancel Other-Customer Has Never BeenCancelOther No Contact
Cancel Other-No Authorisation Given ToCancelOther No Authorisation
Cancel Other-Current CP Inflight Order
CancelOther Current CP Order