Control for the Audit

The Benefits of Management
Control for the Audit
Hotel Europa | NOVARA
October 30, 2014
The Benefits of Management
Control for the Audit
October 30th, 2014
Corso Felice Cavallotti, 38 - Novara
h 2.00 pm
Attendance entry
h 2.30 pm
Regards and Intervention
The process of Audit is positively influenced by a
proper and effective Management Control: analysis of
Barbara Negro
Partner Revi.Tor S.r.l.
h 3.00 pm
The Management Control is positively influenced
by a proper and effective process of Audit: analysis of
Simone Pestrin
Partner Revi.Tor S.r.l.
h 3.30 pm
The chart of processes and business flows, as
common denominator between Management Control
and Audit.
Barbara Deandrea
Partner accedis S.r.l.
h 4.00 pm
The analysis of the protection
of information systems as requirement
for a proper Management Control
and an effective Audit.
Andrea Botto
h 4.30 pm Coffee break
h 5.00 pm
Case History
CCR Italia S.p.A.
List of speakers:
· Alberto Mauro, Manager of Bank Popolare di Novara
– Banco Popolare
· Mauro Nicola, President of ODCEC of Novara
· Maurizio Grifoni, President Ascom-Confcommercio of
Novara and Province
· Paola Pansini, Manager API Novara, VCO and Vercelli
· Davide Bellè, President of Novara, VCO and Vercelli
Manufacturers Board API
· Marco Calzone, President Food Category API Novara,
VCO and Vercelli
· Maura Campra, Professor - Management Department
of Novara University
· Enrico Ambrogio, CEO CCR Italia S.p.A
· Barbara Negro, Simone Pestrin, Partners Revi.Tor S.r.l.
In video conference from New York:
· Andrea Fantozzi, Director of US European Team,
Prager Metis CPAs, LLC
h 6.45 pm Cocktail
h 5.30 pm
Round Table
“Being entrepreneurs today: tools, obstacles and new
Moderated by
Barbara Cottavoz,
La Stampa
Please send registration form
by October 27th, 2014
to: [email protected]
or to: Revi.Tor Srl
tel.: (+39) 011 092 01 59
fax: (+39) 011 070 39 95
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