Dr. Sarah Jackson, Assistant Professor International

NASBITE International
Dr. Sara Jackson, CGBP
27 Sep 2013 IATTO
NASBITE Las Vegas 2004 Conference
The Challenge for Our
Profession …
• As a profession – international trade still not
recognized as a career (not just about travel)
• The practice of global commerce highly varied
• Practitioners tend to work in one or two “silos”
with inadequate training and exposures to other
equally valid areas
• Companies are seeking proof of competence
Initial Research Results
• Credentialing (voluntary) vs. Licensing
(requirement – often legally required)
• Can not push the process – need to take th
time to ensure the outcome is valid, reliab
and consistent
• Must be led by the profession, not NASBI
Benefit to Credentialing
• Proves Competency
• Provides a professional development goal f
• Assist with hiring even if not a requiremen
“XYZ Certification preferred”
• Raises the level of practice - the minimum
National Partners
– ASBDC – Association of Small Business
Development Centers
– Private Industries (Ford, UPS, Deere, Cat. Dell
– Joint Industry Group
– FCIB – An Association of Executives in Financ
Credit and International Business
International Partners
IATTO (world) – International Association of
Trade Training Organizations
FITT (Canada) – Forum of International
Trade Training
Task Force Outcome:
NASBITE Practice Delineation
Global Business Mgmt
Common Threads
Global Marketing
Supply Chain Mgmt
Legal and Regulatory
Intercultural Awareness
Trade Finance
Tasks and knowledge statements identified for each above
What Trade Skills are Certified
and at What Depth?
• The exam questions match with the
NASBITE Practice Delineation
• The exam tests the tasks and knowledge
associated with a practitioner who has work
in global trade for two years
Who is a Suitable Candidate
for the Credential?
• Individuals working in the profession
• Students studying for a career in the profes
• Individuals in small and large companies
would benefit
• Students in both two and four year college
What are the Benefits from
Achieving Certification?
• Identifies to employers a proven
competence in global business
• Assures an understanding of a broad range
of issues rather than one or two areas
• Use of the credential logo and wordmark
on resumes and business cards
What is Required to
Achieve Certification?
• Pass the NASBITE CGBP Exam
• Have completed either two years of
college-level studies OR two years
working in the field of global
What is the Exam?
• 150 multiple choice questions
• Questions are from the NASBITE
Practice Delineation
• Possible points are from 200 to 800. Mu
achieve 500 to pass the exam.
• Exam Fee (US/CA/MX)
– $100 registration
– $295 exam fee (payable once)
Results Since 2005
1350+ Candidates
1000+ Awarded CGBP
National pass rate: 74%
Nearly 150 US Commercial Service Trad
Specialists & Managers certified
• Eight Accredited Training Programs
How Candidates Prepare?
• NASBITE does not directly train candidates
• Best preparation is through colleges, universities,
trade centers, and training organizations
• The NASBITE CGBP enhances existing training
• The key is understanding the depth of knowledge
versus the breadth
Online Practice Exam
• 75 questions taken from past exams or th
test bank
• Available online 24/7
• Cost is $50 or $30 for five or more
• Test feedback includes test score and the
topics missed on the exam
Best Way to Succeed in
Training Candidates?
• Take the exam!
• The most successful training programs
have faculty, program managers, and
instructors that have taken the exam
• Taking the exam clarifies the issue of
depth of knowledge required.
Program Accreditation
Trainer Certification
• CGBP Accredited Training Program
– 3 year accreditation
– Needs past history of training CGBPs
– Pass rates / curricular alignment important
• CGBP Certified Trainer
– Must be CGBP
– 3 years experience in trade or training
Free Course Resources
• Basic Guide to Exporting – www.export.gov
• http://www.ita.doc.gov/media/Publication
- guide to Trade Finance
• MSU Global Edge – free training modules –
More Information
Please review the CGBP brochure available on
our website or contact NASBITE directly:
Donna Davisson, Exec Dir
NASBITE International
Monte Ahuja College of Business
Cleveland State University
1860 E. 18th Street, BU 327, Cleveland, OH 44115-2216
(216) 802-3381
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