Check out this informal Powerpoint on the fundamentals of a health

The Missing Puzzle Piece:
Interconnecting Community and
Corporate Wellness.
A Discussion on the Fundamentals of Planning a Health Fair
Presented by: Britnie O’Donnell
Why Plan a Health Fair?
Educate the
Promote Wellness
Community Benefits
• Educate the Community
• According to Pinellas County Health Department (2012), the
leading cause of deaths in 2011 were cancer and heart disease.
• Promote Wellness
Teach self care practices. Ex: breast self exam, nail bed
examination (dark lines sign of skin caner), underarms
(patches of rough skin indicate diabetes), etc.
• Community Benefit
• Prevention of disease
• Reach out to individuals about their health
• Improve quality of life
(Healthy People, 2012).
When, What, and Where?
• When is the Health Fair?
• Plan at least 4 - 6 months in advance
• Check with community planners/events
• What is the Health Fair About?
• Theme
• Decide what topics to cover, what speakers/vendors to
incorporate, and what community to appeal to.
• Where is the Health Fair Located?
• How many people will attend
• Location of health fair
(Dillon & Sternas, 1997)
• 6 to 8 Committee Members
•Provide leadership and
coordination for subcommittees
• Include Members of the
Targeted Audience
•Various health professionals;
fitness professionals, certified
screening specialists, nutrition
specialists, etc.
(Wellness Proposals, 2006).
Financial Aspects
of Health Fairs
•What are the Expenses?
•Location cost, food and
drink, entertainment, etc.
•Assign responsibilities
among committee members
•How Many Vendors for Each
•How many people will attend?
•Sponsorship and/or
Quality Vendors to Invite
• Accountable for Performance
• Good reputation among organizations.
• Customer Service
• Maintains quality customer service in order to meet consumer
• Compliant with Health Fair Specifications
• Understands the mission and goals associated with the
health fair.
(WFI, 2010.)
•Representing and
•Viewed as an extension
to the organization.
•Performing to
•Vendor scorecards
conducted for future
reference and
Contacting Vendors
• Contact Organization
• By phone, e-mail, or letter.
• Speak or Leave Message with
Marketing Manager
• Introduce yourself, organization, and
reason for calling in e-mail or voicemail.
• Follow-up
• Phone and e-mail within 3-5 days.
• Assign a Response Date
• Inform organization a response is needed by a
certain date. At least 6-8 weeks prior to event.
Advertise the Health Fair
• Word of Mouth
• Announce health fair at meetings, with neighbors,
encourage friends to participate.
• Flyers
• Advertise incentives to participate in health fair on
• Promote vendors and organizations that will participate
in raffles.
•Social Media
•Facebook, Twitter, webpage, Linkedin, e-mail blasts, etc.
•Cost effective ways to promote health fair.
•Ask Vendors to promote health fair
•Flyers on community board or in meeting rooms.
Floor Layout for Health
• Gather Information
• Information on room layout, how many vendors, and
how many people are attending.
• Materials Needed
• What do the vendors need? Table, outlet, display
screen, et
• Include a Program and/or Timelines
• Including a program and timelines will ensure
that the health fair runs smoothly
• Speakers and/or Presentations
• Speaker is within allotted times slot.
• Make the stage the focus of the room.
Interactive Health Fairs
• Include Educational Games
• Games that teach will encourage participation
• Demonstrations
• How to correctly apply sun block, prepare meals,
correct posture for fitness.
• Screenings
• Blood pressure, cholesterol, BMI (Body Mass Index),
body fat percentage
Community Health is Our Health.
Working together we will see a
healthier and stronger community.
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