MCAC Accreditation and Standards

Seeking MCAC Accreditation
Nadya Fouad & Michael Scheel
2012 Midwinter meeting
Contact information
Submit accreditation materials to
[email protected]
Any inquiries and questions about the
accreditation process for MCAC can be directed
to Patricia O’Connor, MPCAC Executive
Director, at [email protected]
MCAC Standards (MPCAC Manual;
November, 2011)
• Standards for Training
1) Program is identifiable as a counseling or
closely related training program.
2) A mission statement that guides the structure
and content of the curriculum and reflects a
commitment to evidence supported practice; a
commitment to diversity; commitment to
cultural competence, human development,
strength-based helping strategies, social justice
as core values
MCAC Standards (cont.)
3) Curriculum, program, policies, and practices
should reflect mission statement
4) Program should be the equivalent of at least two
academic years of full-time study and a minimum of
48 sem. hours or equivalent quarter hours
5) Demonstrate clearly written public communication
of program standards, requirements, and
admissions criteria.
6) An annual review of student procedure
7) Entrance requirements reflect a gatekeeping role to
safeguard the public
MCAC Standards (cont.)
8) Evidence of the promotion of competence in the
following domains:
a) Professional counselor identity, ethical behavior,
and social justice practices
b) Human development and wellness across the life
c) Neuroscientific, physical, and biological
foundations of human development and wellness
d) Ecological, contextual, multicultural, social justice
foundations of human development
Domains (cont.)
e) Counseling, consultation, and social justice
advocacy theories and skills
f) Group theory, practice, and social justice
g) Career and life development
h) Assessment of human behavior and
Domains (cont.)
i) Tests and measurements
j) Traditional and social justice-oriented research and
k) Practicum/internship experiences (at least 2
academic terms of supervised field experiences in
mental health, human development, cultural
competence, and social justice advocacy (at least 3
semester hours or 5 quarter hours per academic
term in counseling and/or human service setting
with 300 hours of supervised field training).
Supervision by an appropriately credentialed
MPCAC Accreditation Process
• MPCAC accreditation process entails the
assessment of a program’s ability to meet
standards established by the profession and
adopted by each Committee (MCAC & MPAC).
The Process
1) Submission of self-study documenting
program’s compliance with the standards
2) Validation of the submitted documentation by
site visitors
3) Decisions of the committee based on the selfstudy, site visitor report, institutional response
to the site visit report
4) Submission of interim reports and/or annual
continuation reports for periodic review of
program compliance with the standards
Steps in the accreditation process
1) Applicants request materials from the MPCAC
office (Box 721173, Norman, OK 73070)
2) Obtain information packet and app for candidacy
3) Submit either MCAC pre-app for review
4) MCAC chair notifies applicant of eligibility to apply
5) Applicants submit 5 copies of all materials required
as part of the app for accreditation within 2 years
after notification of eligibility; at the tie of
submission fees must be paid.
Steps (cont.)
6) MCAC conducts internal review of app
7) MCAC notifies applicant of acceptance or of
clarification requirements for strengthening the app.
8) MCAC and applicant plan and complete site visit
9) Site visit report forwarded to the program for
clarification or errors of fact.
10) MCAC acts on application and notifies the
applicant of the exec. Decision
11) Applicant may appeal decision
Eligibility requirements
1) Program located in a psychology, counseling, or
counselor education department and supported by
the educational institution accredited by regional
accrediting bodies.
2) Program must have students currently enrolled,
and at least 4 graduates in the previous two years
3) Program must comprise 45 semester credits
(MCAC req)
4) MCAC chair reviews the pre-application to
determine eligibility
Maintenance of accredited status
• A continuation report is required with the fee
every 4th and 8th anniversary of accreditation
• Accreditation is granted by 10, 5, and 2 year
Application Fees
Application fee = $1500
Additional program at application (per program)
= $250
Site visitors’ expenses = (per visit)
Interim fee (at 4 and 8 years) = $400
Re-accreditation fee = $1500
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