Coach ppt at LeMoyne 2014. - New York State Science Olympiad

November 8, 2014
Today you will receive:
Team information
Information pertaining to each
Information from Coaches
meeting in Fishkill
Change in general rules for
Invitational information
• Coffee and a donut!
• When:
Jan 31st, 2015
• Where: LeMoyne
(Snow Date: Feb 7)
Done through e-mail, but
most information will be
posted on the Mid-State
I will post on the website ASAP.
 Use your best judgment, also.
 We will try to delay if the weather
looks like it might clear.
 It is very difficult to re-schedule
Please be sure to have 2
coaches with your team
• Have medical forms
readily available
• Be sure to use the ones
linked to our website.
Every team has the same
conflicts: on Website
• It doesn’t matter which
rotation you are assigned
• We will assign team
numbers as they are
 It
is impossible to mimic the state
schedule, but we did our best.
 Also States has 3 rotations.
 We needed to use the LeMoyne
facilities that are available the
best we can.
 1.
Open from Jan. 11th at 8pm
to Jan. 24th at 8pm.
 2. You will find directions for
creating your NYSSO account
on the Mid-State C regional
 3.
After you've created an
account, it may take a day or two
to get it approved.
 4. Once your account is approved,
you will be notified by email.
 5. Then you will have access to
signing up for your build times.
You can sign up the day of
 However, you will be limited to times
that are left open.
 Also, your students will have to walk
to the site of competition to sign up
during the impound hour.
 So, please sign up during the open 2
Each team is asked to administer and
score an event of their choice.
 Written events will be sent to you to
xerox and bring all materials to run
the event. A key will be provided.
 Exceptions:
◦ Experimental Design
◦ Write it, do it
The scoring rubric will be sent to you.
 The team in charge needs to bring all
of the materials to run the events
(stop watches, dowels, painters tape,
metersticks, etc).
 You will receive the sign up sheet at
registration in your packet.
 You will need to impound, measure
and score the running of the device.
NYS website: has more of
the trial information
• Invasive Species and Game
• Invasive list are posted
In Grewen Hall front entrance
Please bring (all forms are online):
• Team roster-typed please!!
• Student Signature sheet
• Permission/health forms for every
student with you.
• Vandalism form
• Principal liability sign off sheet
• $20 if not pre-paid
Pull up in front of Science
Building and drop off a coach
to register the team at Grewen
Hall Lobby. Then the Security
people will further direct
buses the day of event.
• Buses may park all day where
directed by Security
Air Trajectory
Compound Machines
Bungee Drop
It’s About Time
Protein Modeling
Mission is NOT an impound at Regionals
Time: 7:30am-8:30am on site
Anyone can impound
Label your device!!!!
We are running all the events.
• We will drop the two lowest
• You may elect to not
participate in 2 events.
• Also, the 2 trial events are
NOT for points, but will get
We have to run these to get
medals 4-6 paid for.
• Scores from these two events
will not be added to the team
• Events are: Invasive Species
and Game On!
1st thru 10th place medals will be
 We must have at least 20 teams
registered and run all the events to
get 1-6 medals.
 We are buying medals 7-10 which
were donated by TACNY.
 Site fee of $20 to off set Le Moyne’s
Dolphin Den (newly renovated) a la
Cam’s Pizza near by.
Be sure to clean your room. Take a
picture and return it to original
Rooms will be checked before the
award ceremony will begin.
 Come
to Dr. Guinta’s room, SC
120 to turn in your scores.
 Be sure to bring the tests and one
copy of the answer sheet.
 Dustin Scholz will go over your
scores and enter the scoring
 Please break all ties.
Each team will be
assigned a team room
• A penalty will be assessed
if not left clean!
• Card can be taped to door
of your room when you
Need to clean up your team
• Bring a broom, dustpan and
garbage bags
• Poor sportsmanship
We will have a guest
• Hopefully, will start about
• In the renovated James
Commons (same place as
Dr. Giunta has a form for paying.
Please make checks payable to:
Science Olympiad Mid-State
and mail to:
Dr. Carmen Giunta,
Le Moyne College,
1419 Salt Springs Rd.
Syracuse, NY 13214
All laptops, etc. must be
battery operated. There will
not be access to electrical
outlets for everyone.
• You will not have access to
 There
are kits available that
are made specifically made for
 Here is a brochure for Ward’s
 See website
for more information.
Air Trajectory
• Anatomy and Physiology
• Astronomy
• Bridge Building
• Bungee Drop
• Cell Biology
• Chemistry Lab
• Compound Machines
• Disease
• Dynamic Planet
• Entomology
• Experimental Design
• Forensics
• Fossils
• Game On
• GeoLogic Mapping
• Green Generation
• It’s
About Time
• Invasive Species
• Mission Possible
• Protein Modeling
• Scrambler
• Rocks and Minerals
Technical Problem Solving
• Wright
• Write it, do it
TI-Nspire CX Handheld
TI_Nspire Lab Cradle
Gas Pressure Sensor
you don’t have these you can borrow them
for free direct from TI
or by calling 1-888-917-6411
If anyone would like to help
us, please see us after the
•Steering Committee
•General help
 On
December 13th
 At FM High School
 Sign up on line at the NYSSO
website both to run an event and
to get times for build its.
 $85 registration fee
 All NYS events are being run if
they get enough teams.
Amherst, Buffalo
Columbia HS in Albany area
Islip on Long Island
 My
[email protected]
 All information will be on
the mid-state website.
 Or Maha:
[email protected]
Students presented with a theme: fire,
gravity silly sports, frogs, etc
 Students must build an original game
incorporating the theme.
 Computer will have current version of
Students are evaluated on quality and
originality of artwork as well as game play
and overall impression.
User control-5pts
Autonomous sprites (enemies, powerups, etc.-5pts
Collision management-5pts
Code organization (neatness, named objects, used
of message-passing to organize code-10pts
Part 2: Game Play
◦ Implementation of theme-10pts
◦ Quality and originality of graphics-10pts
◦ Use of sound-10pts
◦ Play balance (difficulty or ease of playing 10pts
◦ Overall impression/originality-10pts
◦ We will be using a new flash drive to
download their game for grading.