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Information Session
Updated as of 11/19/15
Welcome and Introductions
Excelsior College
Exciting New CCIU/Excelsior
• Goal: Create a seamless and cost
effective pathway for LPNs to acquire an
associate’s degree in nursing and be
eligible to take the NCLEX-RN.
Establish a cohort of 20 – 30 students to enroll in February
2015 and receive support to complete eight nursing courses.
Completion Time (Approx. 18 months*)
 Complete one course every 9 weeks (Includes time for exam)
 Schedule to take Excelsior exam at designated test center
immediately following completion of the course
*Beyond the 18 months, students may also choose to receive
support for Phase III and IV courses (i.e. Clinical Performance in
Nursing Examination)
Why Chose SUCCEED Program?
Convenient location
Structure to Focus on Goal
 Meet weekly on Wednesday at TCHS B
 5 – 8PM Facilitated discussion and activities
 8 – 9PM Tutor availability for small group or individual meetings
 MSN prepared nursing instructor
 Camaraderie of student cohort
 Familiar resources (i.e. Moodle)
Who is ready for the SUCCEED
Program in January 2015?
LPNs who:
 are enrolled at Excelsior College in the nursing program.
 completed college level Anatomy & Physiology and Microbiology
courses within the past 5 years.
 If have not passed NCLEX –PN within 5 years of enrollment in
Excelsior College’s nursing program , you begin on 2/11/15
 If you have passed NCLEX PN within 5 years of enrollment in
Excelsior College’s nursing program , you begin on 4/15/15
If you have met requirements and
are ready. Next steps…
• If you are not already an Excelsior student, apply
• CCIU web site will begin accepting applications for
the SUCCEED program on November 21, 2014
If you are not ready for SUCCEED
program now…
Begin completion of general education courses
at Excelsior, DCCC or another accredited
institution, preparing to join SUCCEED program
in 2016.
 Basic Plan (Support for eight Nursing Courses)
 Application fee of $75.00
 Support for each course is $400.00 (Inclusive of 200.00 fee per month) (Total
time is 18 months)
 Extended plan (Clinical Competency Preparation)
 Additional 5 months of support(7/20 – 11/16/16)
 Additional Total Cost = $1000.00
Payment to Excelsior College as posted on their website
*Payment plan is available. Loans through Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union may also be
CCIU Costs
• Total Proposed Cost to CCIU for Basic Plan = $3275.00
• Total Proposed Cost to CCIU for Extended Plan = $1000.00
• GRAND TOTAL COST = $4275.00
(21 months of Support Services)
SUCCEED: Basic Program Overview
Chester County Intermediate Unit
Chester County Intermediate Unit
Extended Program (Clinical competency Preparation)
• Support Available for
• NURx 274A (Fall I 2016)
• NURx 274C (Fall II 2016)
• NURx 299(CPNE)(TBD)
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