Academic Policies, Grading System, and Student Information System

Hala Abou Arraj
Associate Registrar
What We Do
The Registrar's Office serves as the University's central
service and academic support unit to:
Collect and record student and instructional academic
program information.
Conduct and manage processes related to registration.
Coordinate and produce official enrollment and academic
certification from academic records.
Determine academic eligibility and academic progress.
What We Do
Officially respond to requests for information about
students and programs.
Coordinate the production of the University catalogue.
Prepare for commencement and graduation.
Administer in-house printing of diplomas.
Manage AUB SIS
Ex-officio member of numerous university and faculty
Registrar’s Office Web Page
Holidays, Final Examinations Schedule, University
Calendar, Registration guide, etc..
Forms related to students
Links to the catalogue and AUBsis.
Coordinator of Class
Each student has a coordinator for advising and
academic consultation.
Plagiarism is a violation of the University’s academic
regulations and is subject to disciplinary action.
All students are required to complete a plagiarism tutorial
and pass a plagiarism test during the first semester they
join the university.
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