Stony Brook University DSpace: Digital Institutional Repository

Institutional Repositories:
A Digitization Case Study and Lessons Learned
ACRL/NY Long Island Chapter Meeting
April 16, 2010
Presented by: Jason Torre
Fast Facts: Stony Brook University
 24,000 students enrolled in classes
 top 1% of universities in the world
 Nobel Prize Winners, National Academy of Sciences and Grammy Awardees
 largest single-site employer (14,000)
Stony Brook University Libraries
 $4.65 billion impact on Long Island economy
Construction of a Library Digitization
Program Begins…
In December 2003, Stony Brook
University Libraries began laying
the foundation for a comprehensive
digitization program.
Stony Brook University Libraries
Library Digitization Team
1. Overseeing and coordinating library
digitization projects;
5. Informing library staff of the issues
surrounding the preservation of digital resources
and recommending preservation policies;
2. Identifying library materials and collections to
6. Pursuing grant opportunities for local or
be digitized in consultation with subject
cooperative digitization projects;
3. Developing local guidelines in conformance
with established standards and best practices for
library digitization projects;
4. Establishing and monitoring production
processes for electronic reserves;
8. Developing a budget for digitization projects.
The Digitization Team reports to the Associate
Director for Collections and Technical Services.
Stony Brook University Libraries
Digital Asset Management Systems
 Aleph
 Bepress
 ContentDM
 Digital Commons
 Dspace
 Eprints
 Luna Insight
 Non-proprietary, home grown system
Stony Brook University Libraries
What is an Institutional Repository?
“An Institutional Repository in an
online locus for collecting,
preserving, and disseminating – in
digital form – the intellectual
output of an institution,
particularly a research institution.”
-- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Last Updated January 13, 2010
Stony Brook University Libraries
SUNY Cooperative Initiative
“During 2005, the SUNY Office of
Library and Information Services
established a prototype
institutional repository using
DSpace software.”
-John Schumacher, Electronic Resources
Coordinator, SUNY Connect Website
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Stony Brook University Libraries
What is DSpace?
DSpace is used to:
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Stony Brook University Libraries
Stony Brook University Library Pilot Project
In the summer of 2005, the Library
sponsored a pilot project to test the
DSpace system. 25 CEAS Technical
Reports were added to the system to
test upload speed and the keyword
search capabilities of the interface.
Stony Brook University Libraries
The Next Steps
They reviewed:
 Search interface capabilities
Keyword accuracy
Metadata schemas
 Access speed
Editing capabilities
 System reliability & trustworthiness
Stony Brook University Libraries
DSpace Develops a Mission
“Stony Brook University Libraries’
DSpace Repository, a division of the
SUNY Cooperative Institutional
Repository, shall act as the University's
official, archival repository for electronic
(born digital and converted) records and
documents (published and unpublished)
which have been created or received by
the University or its designated
Stony Brook University Libraries
DSpace Develops a Collecting Policy
“The Stony Brook Digital Institutional
Repository, part of the Campus
Community Documentation Project, shall
collect electronic material(s) in
accordance with its Mission Statement,
and with the goal of providing the
campus community and SUNY with free
and open access to information in
support of research and teaching.”
Stony Brook University Libraries
Materials to be Preserved Include:
University Media Outlets
Official University publications, reports
& postings
Academic & departmental publications
Specialty publications
Academic departments' records
Administrative departments’ records
Official student publications
Photographs of the University
Audio interviews/video interviews
Electronic journal and database
subscription files (as allowed by copyright
Library-related needs to be determined
by local administrators
Regional Initiatives
Faculty publications:
Scholarly papers & articles
Presentations & special lectures
 Research findings (final and current
Datasets (final recommended)
 Journals & trade publications
 Technical reports
Open Access while papers & other
grey/gold/green literature
Stony Brook University Libraries
How is DSpace Organized?
Stony Brook University Libraries
The repository
The community
 A sub-community
A collection
 An Item
Stony Brook University Libraries
Constructing DSpace Records
 Web interface
 Single File Records
 Multiple File Records
 Previously published items
 Server Administrator interface
 Batch loading
 Server administration
 System Customization
Stony Brook University Libraries
Stony Brook University Libraries
Dual Cataloging: MARC and Dublin Core
Stony Brook University Libraries
Dublin Core Sample Record
Stony Brook University Libraries
How Do You Search DSpace?
DSpace uses the Jakarta
Lucene search engine which
provides basic and advanced
search interfaces.
The search engine supports:
1)Basic search =
collection level
2) Advanced search =
repository level
 Boolean operator searching
 Full-text keyword searching
 Natural phrase searching
 Truncation searching
 Field Browsing
 Relevancy results sorting
Stony Brook University Libraries
Basic Search
Stony Brook University Libraries
Basic Search Results
Stony Brook University Libraries
Advanced Search
Stony Brook University Libraries
DSpace Access Points
 Special Collections and University Archives Website
 STARS: Item level by author or title
 SUNY Digital Repository
 Search Engines
 SUNY Connect
Stony Brook University Libraries
How do Faculty participate
Contact Special Collections and/or
consult our website for information
to participate. Participants are asked
to submit:
Name and contact information
Bibliography of works contributed
List of file names. Items will be
uploaded on a weekly basis.
Stony Brook University Libraries
How DSpace is used on campus
Stony Brook University Libraries
Assist Faculty Authors and Departments
with Campus Histories
Stony Brook University Libraries
Collaborate and assist on Media Campaigns
Stony Brook University Libraries
A New Horizon: Albany, NY DSpace Meeting
December 18, 2009
Needs Analysis
Policy & Standards Setting
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Stony Brook University Libraries
Stony Brook University DeepSpace
Screenshot Courtesy of
Stony Brook University Libraries
Institutional Repository R(e)volution
Collaborative Authoring &
Researcher Pages
Open Source url:
Photo Courtesy of University of Rochester
Stony Brook University Libraries
Lessons Learned…
•Lesson 1: Look before you leap!
•Lesson 2: Sounds like a plan.
•Lesson 3:The function will dictate the
•Lesson 4: Recognize your limitations.
•Lesson 5: If the system fits...use it.
•Lesson 6: Dedicated hands make for
Stony Brook University Libraries
Lessons Learned...continued.
•Lesson 7: Different eggs in one basket.
•Lesson 8:With a little help from our
•Lesson 9:The Devil is in the details.
•Lesson 10:You're not the boss of me!
•Lesson 11:What's in it for us?
•Lesson 12:The DigitalWorld is always
Stony Brook University Libraries
Where Do We Go from Here?
Expand role in the Library’s
digital preservation strategy
Coordinate with the HSL on
DeepSpace’s development
Refine system processes
Collaborate with SUNY to
refine the system
Encourage participation in
program initiative
Stony Brook University Libraries
Contact Information
F. Jason Torre, University Archivist
Frank Melville, Jr. Memorial Library
Room E-2320
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794-3323
Tel: 631-632-7119
Fax: 631-632-1829
[email protected]
Stony Brook University Libraries
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