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Healthcare Career Center
Healthcare Job Search Strategy
CUNY 2011
CUNY and Workforce1 Healthcare Career
Presenter: Rachel Wiss, Career Advisor
Workforce1 Healthcare Career Center,
Laguardia Community College
Moderator: Ashleigh Thompson, Ph.D.
CUNY, Deputy to the University Dean
for Health and Human Services
Job Search: Ask yourself…
What steps should I be
taking to look for a job?
How can I get the results
that I’m looking for?
Typical Job Search
Send resumes out to dozens of healthcare
Wait to hear……
Apply online to dozens of jobs…
Wait to hear…
Start applying to jobs you don’t qualify for…….
Wait to hear…..
More resumes, more online applications…..
Wait to hear…..
Strategic Job Search Steps
What steps can I take to improve my job search?
Have Clear Goals
Differentiate between short and long term career goals:
How can I get to where I would like to be in my career?
Short term:
Consider gaining
experience through
alternative pathways
Demonstrate flexibility:
Willingness to work in
a variety of healthcare
settings, per diem
work and temporary
Long term:
Plan to gain skills and
experience leading to
your career goal
Consider attaining BSN
to be more marketable
Consider alternatives to hospitals
Why should I consider alternatives to hospitals?
• To gain clinical experience
• To keep skills sharp
• To explore working in various settings with a
variety of populations
Future Hiring Organizations
Projected Increase in Employment Prospects for 2018
• 62 Percent for Ambulatory Health Care Services jobs
• 59.4 Percent for Residential Care Facilities jobs
Consider alternatives to hospitals
Research nursing positions in:
Long Term
Home Care
Consider alternatives to hospitals
In addition, consider and research jobs in:
Social Advocacy
Health and Human
Services Organizations
Public Schools
Diagnostic Laboratories
Examples of alternative organizations:
Children’s Aide Society
Harlem’s Children Health Project
Bowery Residents’ Committee
Daytop Village Inc
Institute for Community Living
Catholic Charities
Consider alternatives to hospitals
Think outside the box!
Alternative job titles for nurses:
Community Health Nurse
Managed Care Nurse (HMO’s and insurance companies)
School Nurse (Public and private)
Substance Abuse Nurse (Rehabilitation clinics)
Complementary Health Care Nurse (Clinics with alternative
practitioners such as chiropractors and acupuncturists)
• Occupational Nurse (Private companies such as large
• Travel Nurse and Goodwill Nurse (Local and international)
• Armed forces Nurse
• What is networking?
• Why should I network?
• Who should I contact to add to my
Networking is….
Establishing contact with people as sources of information and referrals
to other contacts or possible job openings, volunteer opportunities or
Why network?
• To meet people in the industry
• To obtain information about open
positions, resources, contacts and
• To obtain access to the “hidden job
Who goes in my network and
how do I use my contacts?
Anyone who may be able to help
you, including:
• Former co-workers/ employers
• Relatives and friends
• Friends of friends
• Neighbors etc.
Networking Uses
True or False?
Networking is used exclusively to
find out if my contacts know of job
Networking Uses
• Use your network to talk with people
who work in your field and establish
lasting relationships.
• Ask your contacts if they know
someone in the healthcare field who
might be willing to speak with you,
even if they don’t know of openings.
Informational Interviewing: What is it?
Informational Interviewing is:
A form of networking involving meeting
with individuals in the field to learn
more about an occupation, career field
or specific organization and to build
relationships with insiders in the field.
How can Informational Interviews
help my job search?
• Develop key contacts with people in the field
• Learn about and tap into “hidden job market”
• Build confidence for future job interviewing
• Learn more about a particular organization
• Understand your relative qualifications in
order to see if current objective is realistic and
to plan for future positions
Informational Interviewing: Getting Started
Where do I find people to contact for meetings?
College Alumni
Online Professional Networks (LinkedIn)
Networking Contacts
Professional Associations
Web Research
Informational Interviewing: Getting Started
Tips for Approaching Contacts:
• Send introductory email then call OR call directly
• Introduce yourself briefly, explain how you found their
information and why you are contacting them
• Attempt to set up 15 minute in person meeting
• Purpose of meeting: Ask questions about their work,
organization, career path and/or field in general
 Try to schedule in person meeting whenever possible
 If they cannot meet, ask for other possible contacts
 Do not send or offer resume unless asked
Informational Interviewing:
Meeting with Contact
Informational Interview Guidelines:
• Be professional
• Prepare for meeting: research contact,
organization, prepare questions
• Begin by very briefly introducing yourself
• Keep focus of conversation on other person
• DO NOT ask for a job
• Ask for additional contacts
• Keep record of contacts and stay connected
Informational Interviewing: Questions
Examples of questions:
• How did you get started in your career?
• What jobs and experiences have led you to this
• Tell me a little about your current role.
• How is your department organized?
• What is the working atmosphere like in this
• What part of this job do you find most satisfying? Most
• What traits do you think are most important for working
in this position?
Online Job Search
Online Job Search Tips:
• Select appropriate job search sites including those that
have alternative nursing positions (
• Post your resume to job boards
• Set up email job alerts
• Use Nursing Associations as information resources
• Join Professional Nursing Associations
Online Job Search: Job Alerts
Nursing Associations
Use Nursing Association websites to keep current in the field:
• Community Healthcare Association of New York State (CHCANYS)
• Greater New York Hospital Association (GNYHA)
• Southern New York Association (SNYA)
Join Associations that are open to individual memberships:
New York State Nurses Association (
National Association of Hispanic Nurses (
New York Black Nurses Association (
New York Korean Nurses Association (
On-line Professional Networking
• What is LinkedIn?
• How can I use LinkedIn or
other networking tools?
Using LinkedIn
• LinkedIn is an online professional network
that helps you increase your visibility and
links you to your connections, your
connections’ connections and all of the
professionals that are in their network.
• Through your network you can get
introduced to other professionals through
people you know, find potential employers
and search for jobs.
Tips for using LinkedIn
• Search for names of organizations you would
like to work for and see which of your
contacts know people there. Then contact
them and ask for a referral.
• Incorporate keywords and skills so that your
profile can be found by employers.
• Search for people in your area with similar
backgrounds as you and see where they are
Volunteering and Internships
I need a job! Why should I work for
Volunteering and Internships
Volunteering and Internships
help you:
• Gain experience in a healthcare facility
• Practice skills acquired in training
• Develop contacts in the industry
• Meet potential employers
Following Up with Employers and
Whenever possible, follow up in your
communications with employers and networking
Follow Up
Following Up Means:
Keeping in touch
with networking
employers by
phone or e-mail
Attempting to
speak with
supervisors rather
than Human
Don’t expect employers and networking contacts to remember you! It’s
your job to make contact and stay in touch.
Be A Success!
Stay ahead of the curve
 Keep an updated resume on hand
 Maintain physical, titers, up-to-date
 Be professional and positive
 Stay connected
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