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University of California
Visiting Scholar Benefit Plan
Effective December 1, 2010
 The University of California, Berkeley (UCB) has partnered
with Garnett-Powers & Associates to administer the Visiting
Scholar Benefit Plan (UCBVSBP)
 December 1, 2010 is the effective date whereby all domestic
and international Visiting Scholars and Visiting Student
Researchers must be provide proof of adequate health
insurance coverage
 The UCBVSP is available to both domestic and international
Visiting Scholars and Visiting Student Researchers at UCB
who are affiliates of the Visiting Scholar and Postdoc Affairs
(VSPA) Program
 The UCBVSBP fully meets the U.S. State Department
Exchange Scholar requirements for J-1 scholars and their J-2
UnitedHealthcare Options PPO
Medical Benefits
Physician Office Visit
UHC Options PPO (In-Network)
Scholar Pays
Prescription Drugs:
Tier 1
$15 Copay
Tier 2
$30 Copay
Prescription drug benefit maximum is $700 per Policy year
Emergency Room Visits:
10% $400 maximum
$400 maximum benefit for each visit (facility charge only)
Mental Health (Non-AB88):
Each Insured
10% up to $100 (20 visits/yr)
Scholar Pays
No Out of Network
No Out of Network
30% $400 maximum
30% up to $100 (20 visits/yr)
Lifetime Maximum:
$100,000 lifetime per injury or sickness
For more detailed plan design information go to: www.garnett-powers.com/academics/ucb
1. Visiting Scholar/Visiting Student Researcher only:
Monthly  $98.67
Quarterly  $296.01
2. J-2 Spouse
Monthly  $246.67
Quarterly  $740.01
3. Each J-2 Child
Monthly – $172.67
Quarterly – $518.01
* Rates are effective September 1, 2010 through August 31, 2011
Medical Evacuation & Repatriation Coverage
The UCBVSBP plan includes global
emergency medical assistance provided
through Scholastic Emergency Services
 See policy brochure for details
SES includes medical evacuation and
repatriation of remains benefits that meet
the U.S. State Department requirements
 International J-1 scholars and their J-2 dependents do
not need to purchase supplemental coverage to meet
their J Visa requirements
UCBVSBP Administrative Process
Department staff prepares an affiliate application in
the VSPA Gateway
VSPA Program confirms approval of affiliate
VSPA sends notification of eligibility to GPA for
new and extended appointments
Department creates a Human Capital Management
(HCM) Contingent Worker Job Organizational
Instance .NOTE: Staff can create record up to 3
months in advance of appointment
Cal Numerical ID is generated
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UCBVSBP Administrative Process
Affiliate has 31 days from appointment date to
visit the GPA website and enroll in VSBP or opt
out of the plan
When enrollment form is completed and
premiums are paid, GPA will notify the scholar,
department staff and VSPA Program that
enrollment is complete
If waiving or opting out: Affiliate must provide
proof of comparable coverage to GPA for
verification. Upon approval, GPA will notify the
affiliate, department staff and VSPA Program that
health insurance requirement has been satisfied
UCBVSBP Administrative Process
VSPA creates a Person of Interest (POI)
record in HCM, which activates the HCM
Contingent Worker Job Organizational
If the affiliate’s insurance does not meet the
waiver requirements, or if the affiliate drops
coverage early, GPA will notify department
staff of the deficiency
If the requirements are not satisfied by the
affiliate, GPA will inform the VSPA Program
and the POI record will be deactivated, resulting
in loss of campus services
VSPA Affiliate Enrollment Process
Affiliate must enroll online through Garnett-Powers &
Associates’ UCVSBP website:
Affiliates must follow the enrollment process carefully. To
get started, the affiliate clicks on the ‘Enrollment’ link and
prints (or reads) the ‘Enrollment/Payment Instructions.’
These instructions are written to guide the affiliate’s
completion of the enrollment form. Once the affiliate has
filled out the form, the affiliate should print the completed
form for record-keeping purposes.
IMPORTANT: Failure to adhere to the recommended
enrollment process may result in a long delay in becoming
active in the insurance carrier’s system
VSPA Affiliate Enrollment Process
Affiliate must provide a current and correct email address
because all correspondence between GPA and the affiliate will
transacted by email  including confirmation of enrollment and
quarterly invoices for subsequent quarterly enrollment.
Enrollment is not complete until GPA receives:
1) confirmation of eligibility from the campus, and
2) initial payment
Health insurance ID cards will be mailed to the affiliate’s U.S.
mailing address listed on the enrollment form 7 to 10 business
days after the enrollment process is complete
If the affiliate would like to make changes to enrollment in the
future, the affiliate must click ‘Making Changes to Your
Enrollment’ link and print (or read) the ‘Instructions on Making
Changes’ link for detailed instructions.
VSPA Affiliate Payment Process
Upon completion of the enrollment form, the affiliate is
directed to ‘Submit and Create Printable Enrollment Form’.
A reminder that payment is due immediately is issued.
Payment is due for the current quarter (or portion as
determined by the affiliate’s insurance start date) at initial
enrollment (whole months only  no pro-rated amounts
when enrolling after the first of the month)
When the affiliate clicks on the ‘Calculate Premium’ button,
the system automatically ‘populates’ both the initial
premium owed for the first quarter and premium owed for
subsequent quarter(s) on the payment coupon at the bottom
of the enrollment form. The affiliate should print this
document for record-keeping purposes.
VSPA Affiliate Payment Process
The affiliate can pay by debit or credit card or with a
check. If the affiliate is paying by check, the affiliate
should return the payment coupon with a check to GarnettPowers & Associates.
After the initial quarter’s premium has been paid, the GPA
billing department will send the affiliate an electronic
invoice for subsequent quarterly billing(s) prior to the start
of each quarter. If affiliate’s appointment ends before the
end of any quarter, affiliate will only be billed the premium
through the end of the last month of appointment.
Family Member Eligibility*
Family member categories (including J-2
dependents) are the following:
 Spouse
 Domestic partner
 Same-sex domestic partner
 Opposite-sex domestic partner only if one partner is over age 62
 Unmarried natural or adopted children to age 19 or to
age 23 if a full-time student who is not self-supporting
 NOTE: Other family members (e.g., parents, nieces or
nephews) are NOT eligible
*See Eligibility and Definitions sections in policy brochure
Information Sources
Website: Garnett-Powers’ UCBVSBP website:
Toll Free Phone: Garnett-Powers’ UCBVSBP
customer service number:
Email Address: Garnett-Powers’ email address:
[email protected]
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