2015 benefits orientation - University of Mississippi Medical Center

Benefits Orientation
2015 Plan Year
The Benefits Enrollment
process must be completed
within 31 days of your DATE
Benefits Effective Dates and Premium Deduction Initiation
The State Health Insurance, the State Term Life Insurance and the Flexible
Benefits plans begin with your date of hire
 All other benefit plans go into effect on the first of the month following 30 days
of employment.
 State Health Insurance and the State Term Life Insurance premiums are
deducted a month in advance; therefore, any catch-up of deductions will be
taken out of your first (few) check(s) for these benefits
 For all remaining benefit plans benefit deductions initiate the month in which
coverage begins; ex) February coverage is paid for in February
 Premiums are deducted from 24 of 26 bi-weekly pay periods
Leave Time
 As UMMC employees, we accrue both Paid Personal and Medical Leave,
with no maximum limits imposed, based upon our hours worked. For a
breakdown of leave time accruals you may view the Faculty and Staff
Handbook located on the UMMC Intranet.
 Full time employees have 10 paid holidays.
 One of these is a floating holiday that runs on a fiscal year basis; this
holiday does not carry over from one fiscal year to the next.
 No leave time can be used prior to the completion of a 90 day
orientation period with the exception of bereavement (Medical time)
Section 125 Plan and Pre-tax Savings
 Pre-taxing insurance premiums qualifies us as participants in
the Section 125, or Cafeteria Plan.
 Pre-taxing is a benefit to you!
 UMMC employees are able to SAVE 25% or more in taxes
by pre-taxing certain “qualified” contributions!
Qualifying Events
Participation in the Section 125 Plan limits our ability to modify
pre-tax benefit elections outside of open enrollment unless the
plan participant has a life status change, or a qualifying event.
Qualifying events are: birth, death, marriage, divorce, adoption,
a non-US citizen entering the US, loss of coverage from a group
plan or gaining coverage on another group plan.
State Health Insurance – Select Plan
First eligible for State’s Health Plan prior to
First eligible for State’s Health Plan on or after
What can the recent shift to BlueCard do for you . . .
Prior to January 1, 2014 any services rendered outside of
Mississippi were considered to be out-of-network.
As a result of the shift to BlueCard, any services rendered by
physicians accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield will be innetwork.
This is a positive change and can significantly impact those of
us with dependents living out of state or those requiring care
outside of the state.
Medical Insurance
*Catamaran is prescription carrier for the State Health Insurance Plan. For both the Select and
Base plans, once the deductible is met, Catamaran provides a 90-day supply for the cost of a 60day supply via mail order.*
Medical Insurance
*Pharmacy co-pays apply after annual deductible has been met; prior to that you will be paying
full price for all prescriptions.
*Catamaran is prescription carrier for the State Health Insurance Plan. For both the Select and
Base plans, once the deductible is met, Catamaran provides a 90-day supply for the cost of a 60day supply via mail order.*
Adult Wellness Coverage for both Select and Base Plans
Benefits will be provided at 100% of the allowable charge for up to
two (2) office visits and certain diagnostic tests (based on
participant’s age and gender).
No dollar cap on Wellness Benefit for each plan year.
Services must be rendered by In-Network providers.
Services are NOT subject to calendar year deductibles.
Covered wellness/preventive tests are available at :
Well Child Care for both Select and Base Plans
Covers children from birth up to the age of 18.
No dollar cap on Wellness Benefit for each plan year.
Services must be rendered by In-Network providers.
Services are NOT subject to calendar year deductibles
‐ Well-newborn nursery care -100%
‐ Well-child physician office visits - 100%
‐ Specified routine tests - 100%
‐ Childhood routine immunizations - 100%
Dental Insurance – AlwaysCare
Dental Services
University Dentists, a part of UMMC, is a preferred provider in the AlwaysCare
Clinic locations include: School of Dentistry, Jackson Medical Mall and
Batson Children’s Hospital.
35 experienced providers serve as practitioners and faculty members.
Comprehensive services are available.
Email box, [email protected], is available for general dental
questions as well as questions regarding AlwaysCare benefits.
Vision Insurance – AlwaysCare
Flexible Benefits Plans
Medical Reimbursement: Medical Reimbursement – Claims must be incurred prior to
March 15, of the following plan year, and must be submitted by April 15 of the following plan
Flex card is available
Must submit proof of eligible charges for claims to be covered
2015 Maximum Contribution $2,550 per individual
Dependent Reimbursement:
• Dependent Reimbursement – Claims must be incurred within the plan year and
submitted by April 15 of the following plan year – eligible day care and adult care
expenses only.
All claims submitted with claim form
2015 Maximum Contribution $5,000
State Group Term Life Insurance
• Underwritten by Minnesota Life Insurance Company. Administered by
Department of Finance & Administration (DFA).
• Amount of coverage equal to 2x your annual income rounded to the
next $1,000.
• Minimum coverage of $30,000 and Maximum of $100,000.
• Minimal cost = 0.045 cents/$1,000 worth of coverage.
• AD&D amount equal to amount of life insurance benefit.
• New Hire has “Guarantee Issue”. Late Enrollment requires the
completion of an Evidence of Insurability form and possible denial of
Supplemental Term Life Insurance
1x your annual income is available on a guarantee issue basis even if you have
never elected coverage before (up to $150,000). Please note: If you have been
denied coverage in the past, you are not eligible for this guarantee issue amount
Rates increase with your increase in age on the plan January 1 anniversary date
(5 year age bands)
For existing participants, you may qualify for additional coverage up to the
guarantee issue amount
Whole Life Insurance - UNUM
• Pays death benefit to your beneficiary but also builds cash value to
use while living (borrow from)
• Premium does NOT increase with age
• Continue into retirement
• Purchase coverage for spouse & dependent children
Short Term Disability - UNUM
• Pays monthly benefit to provide portion of income during an
• You choose your monthly benefit between $400 - $5,000
• Coverage up to 60% of gross monthly salary
• Premium is based on age when you enroll – does NOT increase as
you age
• Waiting period = 14 days
• Maximum benefit period = 3 months
• Portable
Long Term Disability - UNUM
• Pays monthly benefit to provide portion of income during
• Pays 30% of monthly salary if PERS vested
• Pays 60% of monthly salary if NOT PERS vested
• 90 day elimination period
• Pays until you are no longer disabled or you reach age 65
Accident Insurance
Pays a lump sum benefit based on the type of injury sustained or type of
treatment provided including broken bones, burns, torn ligaments,
concussion, eye injuries, ruptured discs, and cuts
Covers off the job accidents
Issue to age 69, Spouses Age 64
Guaranteed renewable for life
Coverage available for employee plus spouse and/or dependent child
Effective date of coverage is date of application
$60 Wellness benefit per coverage person per 12 months (12 month wait)
Guarantee issue coverage is available — no health questions
Claim decisions will be made within five days of receipt of
all forms
Toll-free number for claimants and employees
Critical Illness Insurance
• Specified critical illness insurance offers a lump sum benefit payment upon diagnosis of a covered critical
illness that can be used however you choose; a benefit amount from $5,000 to $30,000
• Guarantee issue coverage:
• Employee: $30,000
• Spouse: 50% of employee election up to $15,000
• Child: Automatically covered up to 25% of employee coverage election
• Wellness Benefit: $50 annually per covered employee and spouse
Heart Attack
Invasive Cancer*
End Stage Renal (Kidney) Failure
Transplant of a Major Organ
Occupational HIV
Open Heart Surgery (including
Paralysis, Burns, and Coma
Loss of sight, speech, or hearing
Carcinoma in Situ
Invasive Heart Procedure
Retirement Benefits – PERS
Public Employees Retirement System of Mississippi (PERS)
All benefits eligible UMMC employees are required to participate in the
 Employee Contributes 9% of Gross salary
 Employer Contributes 15.75% of Gross salary
8 year Vesting Schedule for all new participants
Retirement available at age 60 or any age with 30 years of service
Guaranteed Lifetime Benefits
Disability Retirement once Vested
Retirement Options
• 457 Deferred Compensation
• 403(b) Tax Sheltered Annuity
• 2015 Maximum Contribution is $18,000
• Additional $6,000 “catch-up” provision for those over
age 50
Lifesynch – Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
You can also go online to access tools and resources needed to address
life’s challenges:
• Major life events
• Health issues
• Relationships
• Financial issues
• Legal issues
• Substance abuse problems
• Work issues
Username: UMMC
Password: UMMC
You can also call the following number:
1 (866) 219-1232
Other Benefits
• MACS: Mississippi Affordable College Savings Program
• Burial Insurance
• Credit Union on Campus
• Quick Care Clinic for Employees and Families
• VIP Employee Program
• University Cafeteria Discount
Strategic Partners
Enrollment Advisors is one of our strategic partners.
If contacted to enroll in your benefits, consider them an
extension of your UMMC benefits team. They will guide you
through the process of enrolling in, and confirming your
Next Steps . . .
1). Set up and complete your call to Enrollment Advisors to enroll in your
voluntary benefits.
2). Complete your four (4) State Benefit Enrollment forms.
It is essential that you complete your benefits enrollment telephone
call in addition to your requisite forms, as we cannot finalize
processing benefits with various vendors until both steps have been
Completion of Benefit Enrollment Forms :
 State Health Insurance Enrollment form
• If you are a Legacy employee, you must include your pre 01-01-06
employer and date of employment in Section A.
• Provide a personal email address in Section A – NOT your UMMC
email address. This is for future COBRA purposes.
• If you are adding dependents to the plan, documentation must be
provided. You must submit a copy of marriage certificate for
spouse and copy of birth certificate for dependent children.
Enrollment Instruction
Perpetual New Hires
How to Make an Appointment for your Benefits Enrollment
The enrollment for new hires at UMMC will take place the week of their orientation. They will
need to make an appointment to speak with a Benefits Educator over the phone. On their
Scheduled appointment day and time, a Benefits Educator will contact them using the phone
number that they provided.
To schedule an appointment, please follow the steps below:
Log in to Lawson Employee Self-Service. Click on the MyUMC link under the Employee Self-Service bookmark. Click on the
blue “Benefits Enrollment Appointment Setup” button on the top row.
Select Date and Time that is most convenient for you from the drop down box.
Note: The time zone will default to the time zone that you are
currently located in as detected by your browser.
Click the Continue Button.
Provide your basic contact information. The special instructions box can be
used to provide us with any information you would like us to be aware of prior to
your appointment.
For example:You are giving permission for your spouse to make the
benefit enrollment decisions for you. Please make sure that you
provide their full name.
You require a Spanish Bi-Lingual Educator.
Note: If you do not have an email address, please use the following format to
provide in the email address section, or simply call the Enrollment Center for
Scheduling Assistance.
Ex. [email protected]
Click on the Schedule It Button.
You will be brought to the confirmation screen where you can import the
appointment into your Outlook, Google Calendar, iCal.
You will receive a confirmation email and reminder email at the email
address you provided.
Benefits Team
Jynger Morris
Manager, Benefits Administration
[email protected]
Samantha Smith
[email protected]
Xue Jiang
Payroll Deductions
[email protected]
Nita Hancock
[email protected]
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