DMC Accessory Testing Manual - Destination Maternity Corporation

■ Introduction
■ Policy Statement
■ COC document and instructions
■ Document and Lab Test protocol
■ Testing Team Contact Information
This Testing Manual provides the administrative procedures and testing requirements for
Accessory product. Destination Maternity Corp. is committed to delivering quality
merchandise to its customer. These guidelines are based on the mandate that all
accessory merchandise purchased by Destination
Maternity Corp. must have applicable proof of care provided and must meet all applicable
laws and regulatory requirements, in addition to ensuring compliance with Destination
Maternity Corp. customer satisfaction and acceptability.
Regulatory, Performance and Consumer standards are used as a guideline for the
evaluation of it’s accessory product acceptability. Test methods and test procedures are
originated from:
■ CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission)
■ CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act)
■ FTC (Federal Trade Commission)
■ California Proposition 65
■ ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials)
■ AATCC (American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists)
In order for an Accessory product to qualify for purchase; the following requirements must be met up front:
-Bulk production quality product sample is provided to DMC Merchant
-COC document and corresponding lab test reports are e-mailed to Merchant with Testing Director on
If a vendor does not have testing available the style will be placed on HOLD until such a time as COC
document and lab tests can be provided for formal review.
Any exceptions must be agreed to in advance with Destination Maternity Corp. For approval contact
the Testing Director prior to submitting COC document for approval.
[email protected]
The COC document and lab testing or any subsequent result does not limit Destination Maternity
Corporations rights or diminish or remove buying representative or vendor’s responsibilities and
obligations under the Purchase Order Terms and Conditions.
Document and Testing Protocol
All accessory product purchased by Destination Maternity Corp. must be tested for applicable FTC,
CPSIA, Cal Prop 65, Care labeling regulations. Vendors must be knowledgeable in regards to their product
and must be able to provide current year lab testing documents as well as fill out a Certificate of Conformity
proving their product is passing for all requirements and that the proper documents and contact persons are
available in the event a problem occurs with a particular product. All vendors who meet the above protocol should follow below
steps when submitting information to DMC:
Log onto the Mothers Work Web and do the following:
Click here to view the Destination Maternity Corp. Testing Program Requirements.
Click: Certificate Instructions and read all directions within this form
Click: COC Document and save it to your desktop for repeated use. Fill out the form in it’s entirety for each style being
Make sure to Check all the boxes that apply to your product on the top portion of the form. **Not all boxes apply to all
products – only choose the one (s) that apply.
Make sure to list out all lab tests run on your product on the bottom portion of the form
Make sure all information is correct and accurate.
E-mail the COC document, lab test reports directly to the Merchant and CC testing Director:
[email protected]
Once document and lab tests are received Merchant will pass product sample to Testing Director for review and approval.
Failure to comply to the above procedure will result in product HOLD.
Director Testing: Mari Alessi-Kowalski
e-mail: [email protected]
Phone 215-873-2200 ext. 2838
Testing Associate: Endia Johnson:
e-mail: [email protected]
Phone 215-873-2200 ext. 2839
For all other issues / questions related to Accessory Testing please
contact your merchant directly via:
▪Phone @Destination Maternity Corp. Main Number (215)-873-2200 +
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