How to Apply for the Initial 5

How to Apply for an ODE License
Initial School Speech-Language Pathologists License
Jacqueline Wilbanks, Ph.D.
College of Education, Office of Student Services
[email protected] / [email protected]
330.972.7696 / 330.972.7750
Effective Spring 2014
What License does a School Speech-Language
Pathologist apply for?
Initial Five-Year Professional License
– TYPE: Pupil Services
– FIELD: School Speech Language Pathologist
• The SSLP license cannot be issued until the
Ohio Board of Speech-Language Pathology has
issued your Conditional SLP License.
Criminal Background Checks
Background checks for an ODE
Educator License are required, both
As long as you remain a resident in the state of
Ohio you will not need to have the BCII done
again. The FBI is required every five years to
maintain your license.
Where can you get the BCI/FBI done?
– The University of Akron Police Department (UAPD)
Highly recommended. No appointment is
necessary, walk-in service is available.
Cost is $52.00.
– County Educational Service Centers (ESC):
Call for an appointment.
Costs vary.
Clearly state the BCI and FBI are for ODE Educator Licensure.
Background Checks (BCI and FBI)
•If you hold a current ODE License
and have lived continuously in Ohio for the last 5
years . . .
–The BCII or FBI may not be required.
•If ODE has a BCII on file for you
•If your FBI is not older than 5 years
–If your FBI is older than 5 years, then you need to get a new one.
--If you’re not sure, contact our office and we will check with ODE for
•Applicants who have not lived continuously in the state
for the past five years will need to complete both a BCI
and FBI background check for ODE Educator Licensure.
In regard to the BCI and FBI
• We recommend that you….
– Request photocopies of the “No Record
Verification Forms” be sent to you
– Make multiple copies upon receipt as you
often need them when you apply for jobs
after receiving your license.
When do I Apply for my School Speech
Language 5-Year Professional License?
–When your Conditional License has been issued by the
Ohio Board of Speech-Language Pathology and
–The Master’s Degree is posted to your records.
–You have submitted the following to the Licensure Office
via email attachments:
• Intent to Apply for ODE Licensure Student Information Form.
• Copy of the front page of your Praxis Score Report.
• Copy of the Conditional State Board License.
Applying for Licensure Instructions
“Intent to Apply for Licensure Student Information Form:
Please fill out completely:
• Fill out current demographic and contact information at the
top. It will be used to update College of Education database.
• Circle Type of License requested #74, Pupil Services and
write in SSLP in the blank.
• Program Completion: Appropriate Semester and Year.
• Degree Completion: Appropriate Semester and Year.
• Program Level Completion: Check Graduate
• Indicate date of BCI/FBI completion
• Sign and Date.
Apply for the ODE License Online
Instructions to Apply to ODE for the Initial
Professional Educator License
You will be given the following information
in a separate document.
Applying online is a three step process. Complete
steps 1 and 2 as soon as possible. Complete
Step 3 when all requirements are completed. If
you are unable to submit your application online
for any reason, please contact ODE, 1 877 6446338, the Student Services Office in Zook 207,
or email [email protected]
Step 1
have one.
• Go to: to
open an account. Be sure to make note of
your password.
• If you already have a SAFE account, go to Step
Step 2
• APPLY FOR A STATE ID if you do not have
one. To obtain a State ID:
• Open your safe account at:
• Click on ODE CORE
• Go to My Educator Profile.
• Drop down to My Information:
• Find button – Assign ID. Be sure to make note
of your State ID upon receipt.
Step 3
LICENSE ON-LINE. To apply online: Have
your State ID available to enter. You must use
a Visa or MasterCard for payment ($200.00 for
Initial Professional). Do not apply until you
have submitted the “Intent to Apply . . . Form,
and a copy of required passing licensure test to
the College of Education Licensure Office. You
can send these as attachments or fax.
Log into your SAFE Account.
Click on ODE CORE.
Click on My Educator Profile.
At the top, hover for drop-down under My
Educator Profile and click on My Information.
Near the top, click on My Applications (in blue).
Click on New Credential Application.
Click on License.
Click on “Initial 5 Year Professional License.
Click on Apply.
• Follow instructions:
Answer all questions completely and honestly.
The University of Akron’s IRN # is 062869.
• Indicate license to begin July 1, 2014.
• You are not required to submit transcripts or
test score reports.
Completion of Licensure Process
• Letter of Completion
A letter will be sent to you as an email attachment
stating licensure requirements have been met and
licensure is in process when your online application
has been approved.
You can monitor the status of your online
applicationon ODE’s Educator Profile after the
university eSigns.
It may take 4-6 weeks to receive the license.
Contact Information
• Should you have any questions or concerns,
please do not hesitate to contact our office.
• Mailing Address:
• Dr. Jacqueline Wilbanks
• Zook Hall, Room 207
• Akron OH 44325-4201
• Phone: 330 972-7750
• Fax: 330 972-5636
• Email: [email protected] /
[email protected]
Congratulations on meeting Ohio
licensure requirements!!!
I look forward to approving the
application for your SSLP license.
- Jacqueline Wilbanks, Ph.D.
Licensure Coordinator