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ASRP / ASP Online – 2012 Round
Arts, Education and Law
30 April 2012
13 July 2012
Why is ASRP important for you?
• Time to reflect on achievements
• Goal setting and planning for the next
12 months
• A conversation tailored to your career: a
focus on the individual academic
• A conversation about resourcing and
opportunities; professional development
and career advancement.
Informing documents
The following documents are essential to the ASRP process:
• Academic Staff Review Policy and Procedures
• Academic Staff Review and Plan
• Academic Work @ Griffith : Clarifying Work Profiles
• Academic Portfolio Document
These documents can be found on the portal, under employment /
academic work:
AEL - ASRP / ASP Online – 2012 Round
Changes in 2012:
Date of submission extended to 13
July 2012 in recognition of teaching
and assessment responsibilities.
All documentation to be submitted
online via eRecruit platform.
Academic Portfolio compulsory for
ASP and Promotion.
ASRP online with same ASRP
documentation required as in
previous years.
AEL - ASRP / ASP Online – 2012 Round
Who should complete the ASRP?
All full-time/part-time continuing confirmed academic
staff (not probationary).
All full-time/part-time fixed term academic staff
(employed for more than 12 months).
Staff wishing to apply for Promotion in 2012 (opens
29 May 2012). (Further AEL information session on
22 May)
Staff wishing to apply for ASP in 2013.
Note: Academic Managers will be reviewed in
November with documents called in late August
AEL - ASRP / ASP Online – 2012 Round
Academic Staff –
Complete ASRP/ASP online application
form and attach relevant documentation
Can save/edit/update submission and
documentation until closing date via
“Applicant Sign-in” on Employment at Griffith
(Future Staff) website
ASRP/ASP must be submitted online via
eRecruit system – 13 July 2012
AEL - ASRP / ASP Online – 2012 Round
Academic Staff – initial login & access:
Provided with a link by Dean (Academic) to
commence ASRP/ASP process via email
dated 10 May 2012 .
Must provide an email address and
password if not previously applied using
Academic Staff – subsequent login &
Must go to “Applicant Sign-on” on Future
Staff website to Save / Edit / Update /
Withdraw ASRP / ASP submission and
attached documents.
AEL - ASRP / ASP Online – 2012 Round
ASRP Documentation:
Previous year’s Objectives, actions and progress (Part 3 of ASRP, 2011/2012)
Part 1 of the Academic Staff Review and Plan and Part 3 in draft
Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Academic Portfolio (later only required if applying for
Promotion or ASP)
Teaching evidence – all SET and SEC
Other teaching evidence (peer reviews, citations, awards)
Research evidence - Updated “My Publications” listing
Best research output over the review period
Staircase Staff Research Profile (prepared by PFS and supplied to individual academic)
Research and publication plan – template
Service evidence
AEL - ASRP / ASP Online – 2012 Round
ASP Documentation:
(ASP 2013)
Academic Portfolio
Academic Studies Program
Application Form
Last ASP Outcome Report
(if applicable)
Other Costs Supporting
Documentation (if applicable)
eRecruit system sends email
confirmation of receipt once
ASRP/ASP submission
AEL - ASRP / ASP Online – 2012 Round
eRecruit Access – Academic Supervisor/Head/Dean/PVC
Recruitment Centre Menu
“Green Bubble” - Review Applications
AEL - ASRP / ASP Online – 2012 Round
ASRP/ASP online form
Submitting ASRP/ASP online using
Queensland Conservatorium of Music
Griffith Film School
Griffith Centre for Cultural Research
Centre of Excellence in Policing and Security
School of Humanities
Griffith Institute for Educational Research
School of Criminology and Criminal Justice
Griffith Social and Behavioural Research College
School of Education and Professional Studies
Legal Practice Centre
School of Languages and Linguistics
Key Centre for Ethics, Law, Justice and Governance
Griffith Law School
Professional Experience Office
Queensland College of Art
Griffith Institute for Higher Education
Future Staff Website
PVC Office (Arts, Education and Law)
ASRP/ASP form -
Next Steps
Collect relevant documentation in digital or hard copy form. For
example 2011/2012 ASRP outcomes, SET and SEC, My Pubs .
Reflect on achievements and profile for ASRP discussion and
ensure documentation is available for uploading.
Go to email from Dean (A) dated 10 May 2012 advising ASRP
round commenced and click on relevant Element link to submit .
Contact HRM should difficulties arise during online process.
Contact supervisor to set up ASRP meeting time.
Timeline and documents for University performance processes
Opening date Due date
Documents required
13 July
Academic Staff Review Checklist*
and Academic Staff Review and
29 May
10 August
Completed ASRP documents;
Promotion Application Form and
the Academic Portfolio.
13 July
Academic Staff Review Checklist
and Academic Staff Review and
Plan; ASP application and the
Academic Portfolio
Annual schedule
linked to
anniversary date of
Academic Staff Review Checklist;
Academic Staff Review and Plan;
and the Academic Portfolio.
Probation - 1st,
2nd, 3rd review
Who to contact for assistance?
HR Managers – AEL ([email protected])
» Alarna Lane-Mullins
Ph: 373 55881
(Monday – Wednesday)
» Sandy Tacey
Ph: 373 55881
(Wednesday – Friday)
HR Advisers – AEL
» Sarah Corte
» Carley Jenkins
» Leanne Millar
» Liam Staunton
Ph: 373 51070
Ph: 373 53444
Ph: 373 55907
Ph: 373 56801
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
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