Michigan Department of Military and Veterans Affairs Overview

Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency
MVAA Mission Statement
To serve as the central coordinating point,
connecting those who have served in the
United States Armed Forces and their families,
to services and benefits throughout the State of
MVAA Vision
For Michigan to be the most veteran-friendly state,
• Providing the advice and assistance veterans need
as they transition through the chapters of their
• Creating a “no wrong door” customer service
culture; and
• Advocating for and on behalf of veterans and their
Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency
by County
Michigan’s Veteran Population
Some Basics
Michigan’s veteran population is
one of the largest in the United
States, ranking 11th in 2013
Michigan’s Veteran Population
Some Basics
The U.S. veteran population, in general, is older than the general
U.S. population.
In Michigan, over
half of veterans are
aged 65 or older.
Michigan’s Veteran Population
Era of Service
Michigan’s veteran population is
older than that of the U.S. veteran
population as a whole, with a
significantly higher proportion of
Vietnam veterans residing in the
Too often the desire to provide
services to deserving veterans
stops at a “Wrong Door”
is “No
Service Collaboration,
Coordination, and
Integration is achieved.
And services are
“No Wrong Door” for Michigan’s Veterans
Rationale Behind Model
MVAA Action
Initiatives & Programs: the Numbers
Veteran Community Pilots
The pilots establish a
community-based veterans
services system of care
• characterized by a
comprehensive network
of service providers,
• empowered with
knowledge, information,
and tools.
Federal Veteran
Service Partners
State Veteran
Service Partners
City/County Veteran
Service Partners
Veteran Service
and their
Strategy Division
• Focus Areas
– Healthcare
– Quality of Life
– Employment
– Education
Healthcare Initiatives
• Improve access to mental health services
across the state.
• Provide outreach to senior veterans
regarding presumptive diseases and pension
• Have you ever served campaign.
Key Initiatives continued
• Healthcare
– Partnerships with Community Mental
– Tele-health
– Transportation
– Long-term care
– Culture Education
Healthcare Resources
• VA health care services
– Inpatient, outpatient, pharmacy, dental care, mental
health care and other services.
• 29 facilities in Michigan
– 5 major medical facilities (Detroit, Ann Arbor, Battle
Creek, Iron Mountain, Saginaw)
– 18 Community-Based Outpatient Clinics
– 6 Outpatient Clinics
Quality of Life
• Expand veteran-friendly and veteranspecific housing resources
• Expand and support veteran treatment
• Identify recreation opportunities for
veterans and their families
Quality of Life
Veteran Recreation Resources
• Free access to state parks for those with the following
license plates:
100% disabled veteran
Medal of Honor recipient
Free hunting and fishing licenses for 100% disabled
Veteran-specific recreation and volunteer programs such
as Team RWB and Team Rubicon
Veteran sports through county and city parks and
recreation departments and Paralyzed Veterans of America
Homeless Veterans
• www.michiganveterans.com
• VA Homeless Help Line: 1-877-4AID VET (1-877424-3838)
Shelter care, domiciliary care, substance abuse treatment,
transitional housing, HUD-VASH
• Supportive Services for Veteran Families grants
Veteran Legal Services
• University of Detroit Mercy Law Veterans
– [email protected] / 313-596-0235
or 1-888-UDM-LAW4 (1-888-836-5294)
– 651 E. Jefferson, Detroit MI 48226
• Neighborhood Legal Services
– http://www.nlsmichigan.org/
– 7310 Woodward Avenue, Suite 701, Detroit, MI 48202
– 313.964.1975
Employment Initiative
• Employment
– Licensing and Credentialing Reform
– Entrepreneurship
– Veterans Expos
– Reboot
– Employment Council
Education Initiatives
• Created the Veteran Education Initiative (VEI) to
place specialists (VRRs) on campuses to help
veteran students connect with resources.
– Assigned to VEI Campus up to 40 hours per week
– Trained to help connect student veterans institutional,
local, state , and federal resources/opportunities
• GOAL: Working with higher education institutions
to help them create veteran-friendly campuses.
Key Initiatives continued
• Education
– Credit for experience/ fast-track programs
– Veteran Friendly Campuses
– Connections to the community
– In-state tuition for veterans
• VA Choice Act Compliance
Higher Education Trends
• Influx of student veterans to higher education
– Enrollment in Community Colleges or Vocational
Institutions on the rise
• Post-9/11 G.I. Bill expanded benefits
• Complex transitions to civilian life and life with
Higher Education Trends
• Students with military experience make up about 4% of
undergraduate students.
• Compared to traditional undergraduate students, veterans tend to
be older and are more likely to be non-white.
• Although only seven percent of the armed forced were women in
2006, 27% of all student veterans in 2007-08 were women.
• Around half of undergraduates with military experience received
veterans educational benefits at public four-year universities. In
2007-2008, 12 percent of military undergraduates attended forprofit institutions, which is a rate three times higher than traditional
MI Higher Education Trends
Source: US VA
Certifier Benefit
Utilization reports,
includes dependents
(Chap 35)
MI Higher Education Trends
Source: US VA
Certifier Benefit
Utilization reports,
includes dependents
(Chap 35)
MI Higher Education Trends
MI Higher Education Trends
MI Higher Education Trends
MI Higher Education Trends
Veteran Friendly CampusWhat Do Veterans Need on Campus??
• A veteran friendly campus offers veterans
– A experienced school certifying official to assist with administering
VA Education Benefits
– Has an active and engaged SVA Chapter
– Offers veterans a designated meeting place
– Has a Veteran Resource Center and/or Coordinator
– Military Credit for College Credit and Prior Learning
• Joint Services Transcript and CLEP
– Faculty Staff and Administrators who are aware of the needs and
challenges of student veterans (non-traditional students)
– Disability and Counselling Services- Consideration of TBI and PTSI
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