The Student Accommodation Service at uclan

The Student Accommodation Service
at uclan
Our Customer Promise
A warm welcome
Clean and comfortable accommodation
Value for money accommodation
A fast, responsive and helpful service
Student Accommodation Service
The Student Accommodation Service helps
students to find suitable accommodation in
University owned/leased properties.
We also have a register of properties which are
owned by a private landlord.
Previous Student Feedback
Students from China have told us the following are important
when choosing accommodation:
• Living with friends
• Location
• Value for money
• Safe accommodation
This is all available at uclan.
Why not choose to live with friends in on Campus, safe,
comfortable halls accommodation from £79, inclusive of ALL
On Campus
University Owned/Leased Accommodation
Types of Accommodation
• Standard Rooms
(shared bathroom & kitchen, sharing with up to 5 friends)
• En-suite Rooms
(personal bathroom, shared kitchen, living with friends)
• Self-contained Flats
(flat for one person containing bedroom, bathroom & kitchen)
On Campus University Owned/Leased
Accommodation - Advantages
• Internet access, Wi-Fi, gas, water and electricity bills
included in rent. No other charges
• Easy walking distance to classrooms and
accommodation and other friends on Campus
• Warm, comfortable, secure accommodation blocks
• Living with friends – your choice
• 25% deposit to secure accommodation, taken off your
first rent payment
• Friendly and helpful Chinese and English speaking staff
• On-site security for your safety, needs, support and even
directions to the Chinese and English supermarkets!
On Campus University Owned –
Standard Rooms
Flats of up to 5 residents/friends
Residents share kitchen and bathroom facilities
• Fully furnished (bed, desk, wardrobe, shelves, chest of drawers, wash basin)
• Connection for Personal Computer
• Internet access, Wi-Fi, gas, water, electricity bills included
in rent
University Owned/Leased En-suite Rooms
Flats of up to 7 residents/friends. Residents share the kitchen
facilities and each room has its own bathroom
• Fully furnished (bed, desk, wardrobe, shelves, chest of drawers, wash basin)
• Shower
• Toilet
• Connection for Personal Computer
• Internet access, Wi-Fi, gas, water, electricity bills included
University Owned Self-Contained Flats
Flats for 1, 2 or 3 residents. Each flat has its own bathroom
and kitchen
• Fully furnished (bed, desk, wardrobe, shelves, chest of drawers, wash basin)
• Free internet access
• Connection for Personal Computer
• Internet access, Wi-Fi, gas, water, electricity bills included
University Owned Accommodation Cost
Type of Accommodation
Cost of Contract
Cost per week
Standard Room
£3319.26 to
£79.03 to £83.02
No hidden costs
En-suite Room
£4024 to £4177.54
£95.80 to £99.50
No hidden costs
Single rooms in selfcontained flats
(1, 2 or 3 bedroom)
£3647.64 to £4528
£86.85 to £108.00
No hidden costs
Length of uclan contract is 42 weeks – 15th September 2013 to
5th July 2014
University Private Registered
If you choose to live in private accommodation you are strongly
advised to use the University’s register of landlords.
The Landlords (owner of the property) on our register comply
with safety standards and fair contract terms and the University
can advise you if you have any problems.
If you are offered accommodation and are not sure if it is
registered with the University, or whether the contract is fair and
correct, the Student Accommodation Office will be happy to
advise. Please contact them before signing a legally binding
uclan Registered Houses
• Usually 5-15 minutes to university
• Shared between 2-6 students
• Popular with international students
• Usually fully furnished
• Some have internet connection
• Gas, electricity bills usually not included in rent
Registered Accommodation Cost…
Cost per week
£94 to £115
£60 to £80
38 – 44
£45 - £75
University Registered
Private halls of residence
University Registered Private Houses
(Fuel and internet bills not usually
If you choose to live in the private sector it is important to establish
the length of contract that you are signing.
Unregistered Private Providers
You are strongly recommended to secure private
accommodation from the University Registered Landlord
The University has no jurisdiction over unregistered
Companies like Boya Oriental/Brimar/Preston Student
Homes/North West Homes/Kexgill are not registered with
the University
Extra costs like management fees for arranging gas,
electric and wi-fi, fees for repairs and maintenance of the
property, company services fee and company commission
fee, will significantly increase the base rent if they are
Extra Costs – Unregistered Landlords
• An extra charge may be made for gas, electric,
water, internet, totalling approx. £550 - £600
• In addition, an extra charge may also be made for:
• Arrangement fees for gas/electric/wi-fi connection
• Fees for repairs and maintenance of property
• Company service fee
• Company commission fee
The above may significantly increase weekly rents
All uclan rents are inclusive with no extra costs
Unregistered Landlords
• If you experience any problems with
unregistered landlords please advise either the
International Office or the Student
Accommodation Service.
• We are committed to ensuring that you have a
positive student experience and secure the
accommodation you wish, so please report any
issues of concern.
Applying For uclan Halls
• The following slides gives you all
the information you will need to
apply for uclan halls and uclan
registered private
Have You Applied For A Room In uclan
Section A
If so and if you are arriving for
Orientation Week you will be able,
wherever possible, to move directly into
your term time room on arrival in
Please ensure that you have accepted the
room offer and paid the requested
accommodation fees
Temporary Accommodation For The
Orientation Period
Temporary accommodation will be available on
campus from 5th to 10th September inclusive.
The temporary room should be vacated by 9am on the
day of departure and room keys returned to Vernon
Building by 10am.
If you plan to arrive for the Orientation period please
tick the box next to your expected date of arrival
Please note, the final day for arriving for uclan
temporary accommodation is 8th September
Temporary Accommodation
• You can book University temporary accommodation from 5th to
11th September.
• If you plan to live in private accommodation, it is strongly
recommended that you book temporary accommodation in
University accommodation on arrival before signing legally
binding contracts.
• If you require temporary accommodation please complete
Section B on the application form.
• You must ensure that you are able to move into your private
accommodation on the 11th September at the latest
• To avoid delays when you arrive please take some time to read
the important information in Section B of the application form.
Temporary Accommodation/Orientation
Temporary accommodation on campus is charged as
below, rooms are available from 5th September to 11th
September Arrival dates are 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th September
Cost for temporary rooms is £30 per night
Students with a uclan contract will pay the term-time
room rate
Payment is required in advance. Further information
about how to pay and room key collection will be sent
by email
Fire Regulations
Halls of Residence and Private Sector Accommodation
• Fire Regulations in the UK are very strict and it is a criminal
offence to tamper with fire safety equipment, whether that be a
smoke alarm, heat detector, fire extinguisher, fire blanket, and
includes deliberately leaving fire doors open.
• All halls of residence/houses should have smoke alarms/heat
detectors and other safety equipment
• If you tamper with any fire safety equipment you can be fined £250
and/or be suspended from university
IMPORTANT! Smoking is not permitted in any uclan
Fire Regulations/Safety
• If you do not keep the kitchen door closed and open the windows in the
kitchen whilst cooking, the fire alarm will be activated. If the Fire Brigade
attend, the person(s) responsible will receive a fine of up to £250
! Never leave your food unattended when cooking !
Safety regulations and instructions are displayed in
properties, please make sure you make time to read
them when you arrive
Making A Decision….Things To Think
• I want to live with friends in University accommodation?
• I want to live in private accommodation?
• I want to live with other first years in University
• I want to live on Campus in a safe location?
• I want to take the opportunity of living with other
nationalities to practice English and learn from other
• I want to be on Campus at the University or a short walk
• I want ensuite facilities or sharing with friends?
You can find much more information on our web
pages, including pictures and virtual tours of the halls,
their names and location at:
If you have any questions which have not been
covered here on the web pages, you can contact us at:
[email protected] or [email protected]
We hope you enjoyed this presentation and look
forward to seeing you in Preston