MSBAD Partner Orientation - Loudoun County Public Schools

Minority Student Business Awareness Day
Partner Orientation
2013 MSBAD Program
Partner Orientation - Agenda
 Welcome/Introductions
Joe Barr
 ExxonMobil/Fairfax Campus Overview
Joe Barr
 BEST/Outreach
Nicole Vaughn
 MSBAD Program Overview
 Background/Purpose
Nicole Vaughn
 MSBAD Agenda
Joanne Courtney
 Essay Contest
L&L OI Services
 Student Selection/Information
Nicole Vaughn
 Key Activities/Dates to Remember
Nicole Vaughn
 Q & A’s/Wrap Up
2013 MSBAD Program
Partner Orientation – Welcome!
Coalition for Economic Empowerment (CEE)
DC College Access Program (DC-CAP)
Delta GEMS
Capital Area REACH Program
Fairfax County College Partnership Program (CPP)
Loudoun County CAMPUS Program
Prince William County Business Partnership Program
New – Girls, Inc. Eleanor Roosevelt NSBE PCI, and
Science Club
ExxonMobil Facts
 Largest non-government energy
 Most profitable corporation in
 Founded in 1890s
 Exxon, Mobil, and Esso
Providing Energy for Everyday Life
Chemicals and
A Global Energy Company
200 Countries
30 Languages
ExxonMobil presence
82,000 Employees
ExxonMobil Global Headquarters
Downstream Businesses
Research & Engineering
►Leaders in refining technology
►Forefront in EM’s advanced vehicles & fuels research
Refining & Supply
►World Class Refiner (29 Refineries, 20 Countries)
►Manufactures over 265 million gallons of product every day
Lubricants & Specialties
►Leading supplier of lubricant products
►Sold in over 160 countries around the world
Fuels Marketing
►~32,000 branded retail sites in over 65 countries
►Leading Aviation and Marine Fuels provider
ExxonMobil Fairfax Campus
ExxonMobil Fairfax Campus
 Global Downstream Headquarters for three
ExxonMobil Companies
 Located on 130 acres of woodland property
 Home to several families of deer
 Includes a 1.1 mile paved nature trail
 Facility houses over 2K employees with employee
friendly amenities
Full service Bank Of America Bank
Dry Cleaning Service
Cafeteria and snack and catering services
Conference Center
Physical Fitness Center
Medical Clinic
Minority Student Business Awareness Day
Partner Orientation
BEST Outreach Program
BEST Mission
 Serves as a support organization that provides mentoring, coaching, and strategies
to enhance the personal and professional development of Black employees.
 Facilitates open and honest communication with all levels of management on
diversity and inclusion issues relevant to its overall membership.
 Offers its members opportunities to participate in community outreach
Outreach Committee Programs
 Kwanzaa Celebration
 Employee Networks Golf Tournament
 UNCF Walk – A-Thon
MSBAD Program Overview
Program Objective
 Program started in 2001 with Fairfax County College Partnership Program.
 Objective is to encourage minority students to pursue higher education particularly in the
areas of science, technology, and business as well as to provide them with a glimpse into
Corporate America. Students will have an opportunity to learn more about the following
 Importance of higher education
 Transitioning into college
 Skills sought by corporations
 Transitioning into and working in the corporate environment
ExxonMobil Benefits
 Positively impacts ExxonMobil’s community involvement and public relations activities
 Encourages students to study sciences and business and increases the pool of minority
 Facilitates early identification of talent for internships, scholarships and future employment
MSBAD Program Overview
Key Milestones
 To date, ExxonMobil has hosted over 900 students
 Included 8 additional program partners - Columbia Heights
Educational Campus (Bell Multi-Cultural), DC CAP, Prince
William County Business Partnership, Loudon County CAMPUS
Program, Girls Inc., Eleanor Roosevelt NSBE PCI, Patriots
Technology Center and Delta GEMS
 Awarded ~ $65,000 in prizes to Essay Contest Winners
 Incorporated over 700 ExxonMobil Volunteers from the
Downstream & Support Services Organization
MSBAD Partnerships
2013 ExxonMobil MSBAD Partnerships
 Students will be selected from several school and community organizations
throughout the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.
 We anticipate 125 participants in 2013 with the addition of students from
Girls Inc., Eleanor Roosevelt H.S. NSBE Chapter and Patriots Technology
2013 BEST ExxonMobil Participants
 Employee volunteers will host 1-2 students at their work locations
 Target employees with 2-12 years of service
 BEST will attempt to pair employees with similar backgrounds and interest
 Program Coordinators Single Point of Contact (SPOC) (Mr. Chris
Clarke) will provide student profile forms to assist in the pairing
 Employees will participate as panelists
 Discussion will focus on program objectives
 Q&A session will also be included
MSBAD Key Activities
Overall Schedule
Date: April 11, 2013
Student Transportation to Site: 7:00 AM – 9:00 AM
Time on XOM Campus: 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
Student Return Transportation: 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM
MSBAD Key Activities
 Breakfast and Mixer - 9:00 - 10:00 AM
 Program and BEST Overview (Outreach Member) - 10:00 - 10:10 AM
 Opening Address & XOM Overview (EM President) 10:10 - 10:30 AM
 XOM Tour - 10:45 - 12:00 noon
 Lunch and Workshadowing with EM Employees - 12:15 - 1:45 PM
 Panel Discussion / Q&A – 2:00- 2:45 PM
 Black History Month Essay Contest Presentations - 2:45 - 3:15 PM
 Certificate Presentations - 3:00 - 3:15 PM
 Closing Comments (EM President ) - 3:15 - 3:30 PM
 Student Surveys
 Departure – 3:30pm
MSBAD Partner Orientation
Minority Student Business Awareness Day
Essay & Senior Award Contests
2013 MSBAD Essay Contest
New for 2013: The Program Coordinator Single Point of Contact (SPOC) (Mr. Chris Clarke) is
responsible for submitting all received essays and supporting material (including Student
Profiles and photo release forms). The students are not allowed to submit applications
directly to L&L OI, LLC or ExxonMobil.
Students may choose from two topics:
Topic 1: Currently, studies show the US is still lagging behind its global peers in
math and science. Explain why and identify ways to improve achievement in this
Topic 2: How will the math and science skills developed through your courses
benefit your future career?
The MSBAD Program will provide laptops and/or tablets to:
• Recognize the top three essays at the April 11th MSBAD Event
Award the Top Essay Winners with a select prize
Honor the Top Seniors with an Achievement Award
2013 MSBAD Essay Contest Information
• Essay Rules and Eligibility
- Open to high school junior and senior MSBAD participants
- Entries must be received by 12 midnight, March 27, 2013 – Note: New for 2013
The Program Coordinator SPOC (Mr. Chris Clarke) must submit the essays and
required supporting material to the Essay contest administrator (L&L OI, LLC);
Students are not allowed to send any information to ExxonMobil or the Essay
Contest Administrator.
- Entries must be type-written in 12 point (Arial or Times New Roman font) and
double spaced
- One entry per student
- Entries must be 500-750 words
- Entries must be original and not previously published
- Entries must include a cover sheet that includes contact information
• Timeline (2013)
- Communicate contest information to Program SPOCs
- February 19th
- SPOCs submit essays and applications (electronically by 12 midnight) - March 27th
- Notification of winners to SPOCs and students
- April 4th
- Presentation of essays and awards
- April 11th
2013 MSBAD Contests Criteria
• Judging Criteria will remain the same as 2012
• Clarity, Style and Content are the major judging areas
2013 MSBAD Student Achievement Award Program
• Program to recognize the top MSBAD seniors and to promote senior
participation; 2013 Senior Award Applications must be submitted by Program
Coordinators SPOC (Mr. Chris Clarke) to L&L OI, LLC to be eligible - L&L OI,
Inc. and ExxonMobil are no longer accepting information directly from the
• Achievement Award selection criteria to include the following:
- all MSBAD participating seniors with an entry in the MSBAD essay contest are eligible
- all interested seniors must submit an application to participate in the Award Program
- minimum student grade average of 3.0 or equivalent to participate – (35%)
- MSBAD essay participant ‘s essay score – (20%)
- Participation in at least two (2) other school extra curricular/community
service activities in the past year - (20%)
- Successful completion of AP/STEM classes – (15%)
- Teacher/Coordinator letter(s) of recommendation - (10%)
• Winners will be selected, notified and acknowledged as part of the MSBAD April 11th
MSBAD Partner Orientation
Minority Student Business Awareness Day
Student Selection and Key Activities/Dates
MSBAD Partner Orientation
Student Selection
• Juniors/Seniors Preferred
• Selection based upon academics, aspirations, personal skills/abilities & etc.
• Completion of Student Profiles
• Narrow Field of Study
• Typed Preferred
• Dietary Restrictions
• Completed Student Profiles & Photo Release are due by March 27th (Please
ensure typed)
Please Note: Students are not allowed to send any information to ExxonMobil or
the Essay Contest Administrator (L&L OI Services, LLC) all correspondence
including student profiles and the required essay materials must be sent to their
School Coordinator (Single Point of Contact-SPOC) for tracking purposes
 Program Coordinator (SPOC) Name: Mr. Chris Clarke
 Phone : (571) 252-1017 office (571) 252-1674 direct line
 Fax: (571) 252-1245 Email: [email protected]
 Mail : 21000 Education Court Suite # 424 Ashburn, VA 20148
Programs Coordinators (SPOC) send email of final list of participants by April 5th
Student school IDs required
Etiquette/Attire – Business Casual
• (No Jeans Preferred)
MSBAD Partner Orientation
MSBAD Key Activities/Dates
 Student Selection (Begins February 19th)
 Distribution of Essay Components ( February 19th)
 Essay Submissions Begin (February 27th)
 Essay Due to SPOC (March 27th)
 Student Profile & Photo Release Due to SPOC (March
 Notification of essay winners (April 4th)
 Final Student Names to SPOC (April 5th)
MSBAD Partner Orientation
Minority Student Business Awareness Day
Q & A’s
Taking on the world’s toughest energy challenges
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